Admit form and sexual consent

  1. I recently read an alarming article: Boomer Sex With Dementia Foreshadowed in Nursing Home Torn Apart. It's an eye opener. Careers were destroyed over what appeared to be a consensual sexual encounter in a long term care facility.

    I thought it would be terrific idea to add another consent form to the slew of forms residents received upon admit...some kind of sexual consent procedure form with clear cut preferences geared toward that individual which would be in effect should they have any kind of sexual or romantic encounter. If they have a DPOA, there would be the option of involving others if a relationship has begun and the persons overseeing the client would shoulder responsibility on how to proceed. As it stands, the facility seems to have legal responsibility even if sex is consensual.

    If there is a waiver signed upon admit, all involved in decision making processes have been made aware that residents may have sexual relationships, and the facility need only proceed as indicated by the resident or DPOA.

    Has anyone seen a form like this?

    Am I going to far with wanting to cover our tails?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    My vote = NOOOOOOOO. Seems like you're just going in the opposite direction with the same potential legal pitfalls. Just something else that we nurses would have to monitor and it would become another thing that we could be sued for.

    Would that form be given to a SPOUSE in the admission paperwork? Offspring? Would they consent??????? I sincerely doubt they would. So you're no better off than where you are now.

    Informed consent is the basis of any relationship. Competency is always an issue with the senior residents. Like we have to guard the confused resident who gives away her diamond engagement ring to an unscrupulous employee. So how is sex much different? We are obligated to protect our residents. It's tough enough now.
  4. by   ktwlpn
    I'm with amoL.I don't think you'd have a snowballs chance in hell of ever convinicing and family to sign the form from the get-go.In my experience when that kind of situation is handled honestly and with sensitivity the resident's loved ones will usually react in a reasonable manner.