Wellstar Nurse Residency Spring 2012 - page 2

Hello all! I applied for the Spring 2012 nurse residency for Wellstar (all locations that were listed) and I was interested to know who else applied. I thought that the application would be available until the end of January but... Read More

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    I interviewed last week. What area did you interview for?

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    GaMommy how are the classes and teachers at Gordon College??
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    @letsgomets31 I interviewed for critical care. I start in August !
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    Yay for you!! I start in August as well, in the ER.
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    Aww! Yay ! Congratulations to you !
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    How do you like it there? Heard anything about their Telemetry unit?
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    How the heck are you getting interviews?
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    I worked there as a secretary and a tech while I was in school.

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