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I applied to the University of West Georgia, and will not hear anyting until April. I am looking for people who have also applied to UWG and are waiting to hear. I thought we could form a support group on here and hold each other... Read More

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    @AshBrock1091 my GPA is a little low too, I'm still tryna understand this whole cumulative average GPA calculator that they use. I understand the reason why but how do they calculate it? Do you know? I'm super nervous! I will be checking my mail everyday!! LOL

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    I have also applied to the UWG's nursing program for summer nerve racking!!! I'm just hoping that I even make it to the writing session, I have a B.S. in business so I don't know if the classes that I have taken at my other schools will be transferred in . My overall gpa is about a hoping I get to see you ladies at the writing session!!!!!
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    I am so glad you started this thread! I applied too. My GPA is on the lower side - 3.2. I have a BA so I'm hoping that helps! I didn't receive an invitation to any kind of pre-party or I definitely would have gone. Thank you for posting details. I am anxiously awaiting the writing invitation!
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    If accepted, is anyone looking for a potential roommate? Let me know!
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    Anybody knows when are they suppose to be sending the writing invitations?
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    I called today and they said not until the end of the month.
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    @SandraA.,would that be an indication that the applicant is under program consideration?
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    Haha @afvegax I wish!...just looking to see if anyone else is in the same boat.
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    I just got the email inviting me to the writing session. The said that due to the large numbers of transfer students ALL transfer students were going to be invited, but it doesn't mean you qualify for the program, they did not have time to go through all the transcripts from the transfer students. So make sure you check you UWG email!
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    Thx! Just checked my email and got it!

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