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I applied to the University of West Georgia, and will not hear anyting until April. I am looking for people who have also applied to UWG and are waiting to hear. I thought we could form a support... Read More

  1. by   AFVEGAX
    @SandraA.,would that be an indication that the applicant is under program consideration?
  2. by   SandraA.
    Haha @afvegax I wish!...just looking to see if anyone else is in the same boat.
  3. by   mytwoboysmom
    I just got the email inviting me to the writing session. The said that due to the large numbers of transfer students ALL transfer students were going to be invited, but it doesn't mean you qualify for the program, they did not have time to go through all the transcripts from the transfer students. So make sure you check you UWG email!
  4. by   vandeurnat2
    Thx! Just checked my email and got it!
  5. by   SandraA.
    Got it thank you!
  6. by   leopard22
    Hi guys, I also have applied for Summer 2013 for University of West GA. I went to the writing session at the Newnan campus today. It was not bad at all for those who have not done it yet. It is not an examination and not supposed to be used for eligibility for the BSN program. I guess the remaining question is.... then what is it used for?
  7. by   natalieb44
    I applied for Summer 2013 also and when I went to the writing assessment she said that the school was considering adding an essay to their admission requirements. We are basically the "beta" group for the writing portion so participation is mandatory, but it is not "graded".

    Does anyone know how many students they accept at Newnan each year? I'm a transfer student and I have a 3.0 math/science gpa and a 3.47 overall gpa. I am nervous because at the writing assessment she said they had roughly 400 people apply.
  8. by   tiahlee29
    @natalieb44 The Carrollton and Newnan campus accepts 60 students each
  9. by   natalieb44
    Quote from tiahlee29
    @natalieb44 The Carrollton and Newnan campus accepts 60 students each
    Thanks!! Do you know if they look at the courses (I.e. a in a&p vs a in English) in addition to overall gpa? Also, do you know if they look at those who have finished most of core? i am a transfer student so I don't have much information on the process and guidelines. Any info will help! Thanks....I'm seriously stressing!
  10. by   tiahlee29
    I am a transfer student as well currently in my last semester at Atlanta Metropolitan State College. They look at your overall/cumulative GPA. All you CORE classes need to be complete by the end of this SPRING semester if you are planing to attend this summer 2013 semester. UWG is having a transfer student preview day on 3/1/13 @9am. Maybe you should go! Hope this info helps!
  11. by   natalieb44
    I spoke to an advisor before I applied at west ga (last August) so I knew what classes to take. I am in chem and micro right now and I have all core done. However, the advisor was very vague about the admissions process and what they looked at. I went to a transfer preview day when I was considering going to west ga for spring semester and didn't get any good info. I am a transfer student, but I'm 27 and married....I don't really need to see housing or eat in the cafeteria lol.
    I am just stressing about the program, even more so because I didn't get much info and I don't really know what "competitive" means with the new admissions process. Thanks for the info!
  12. by   mytwoboysmom
    Hi natalieb44! That is kinda the problem we all have, we have no idea what "competitive" is. I can tell you this, it is a TOTAL gpa. Every class you have taken to get into the nursing program, from history to art is counted. If you have retaken a class both attempts are counted. (ie, you made a C in A&P and retake it to get a better grade, they count both grades) no class counts more than any other class. Unlike most schools that give a heavier rating to math and sciences.

    The only reason to go to the "transfer preview day" is that you get to speak to your advisor. I am a much older student, and I do not receive any financial aid. The only reason I went was becuase it was the last day to register for spring classes, and I needed to get permission to be a transient student because the last two classes I needed they could not get me into.

    In August they still had no idea what they were going to do for the "new admission" process, so that was why she was so vague. You will be better off just making an appointment to meet with your advisor.

    I have a 3.57 overall gpa and from the people I have spoken too, I seem to be right in the middle of the people applying. The biggest thing at this point is how many people out of that 400 have better GPAs than we do?
  13. by   SandraA.
    Hello ladies stalk your mail boxes....letters were sent out yesterday!!!!

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