UNG BSN Nursing Fall 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Megan and I applied to the BSN program at UNG for Fall 2018. According to the university site, we're supposed to begin our online Nursing class in the summer of '18 before the program.

    Im hoping to meet other students who applied for the program! I'm hoping to get accepted and a scholarship as well, things look bright! I did well on my HESI and have a great GPA. Does anyone know when we should be hearing if we got accepted into the program? I know the deadline is Dec. 15.

    Im also currently living in CA but plan on moving to GA soon. Because I'm an out-of-state transfer student, I didn't choose a specific campus. Wherever I end up is fine by me! I look forward to meeting you all and going through this journey together
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  3. by   roboblazer
    I have applied for the RN-BSN program Fall 2018 and am waiting for acceptance into the program. Are you applying as you said for the BSN starting into nursing program, not the RN to BSN?
  4. by   javagerty
    I also applied for the BSN Fall 2018 program and I'm excited to hear if I'll be admitted. I made a fairly high HESI score and have a solid GPA, but it's hard to not have that doubt lurking in the back of your mind. When do you think we will hear from them?
  5. by   MeganUNG2018
    Correct! I applied for the BSN starting into the nursing program. Hopefully we both get in, even though we'll be on different paths! RN-BSN is only a year or two right?
  6. by   MeganUNG2018
    That's great, javagerty! I got a 94 on the HESI and my cumulative GPA is a 3.8 so I feel good about getting into the program, though I still feel that lurking doubt as well! According to last year's cohort, it seems like we'll be hearing a decision sometime in February or early March. Then again, I'm not entirely sure!