Trying for Gwinnett Tech Fall 2013 - page 9

So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do well! Good luck everyone... Read More

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    Thank you keep

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    Laatr, U r very welcome.
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    Hi Keep
    I started brushing the Science part, Math looks okay as well as Science despite the huge amount of knowledge in it; however I don't have any idea how to prepare for Reading and Writing !
    Do you have any clue? If so please let me know. I also want to know if you are interested to meet at any library to talk about the test and go through the science and Math part together. I live in Suwanee, Sugarloaf Pkwy and Peachtree Industrial!
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    Hi laatra i will b more than happy to study together. I live in snellville. Is it okay if we meet at gwinnett tech?
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    Yes it is a good idea I let you chose the date and the time, thank you for replying.
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    We can start as early as tommorrow , if thats okay, cos time is not on our side.
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    Okay at what time?
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    Yes you are right at what time you want us to meet and where exactly?
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    Keep, just email me at: I will then send you my phone #
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    Ok i will

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