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So I am trying to get into gwinnett techs fall of 2013 class and i just wanted to start a forum for us to support each other and for info. I still have a couple pre reqs to take but im hoping to do... Read More

  1. by   NeoNatMom
    Can you give details of how expensive it is per semester????
  2. by   NeoNatMom
    Quote from curlyQ-nurse2B
    I took the test last week-made a 89. The math was very easy, especially since you can use a calculator. I don't think there's really any way to study for the English part. I agree that the science was very specific-much more difficult than I was expecting. It was definitely the hardest section.
    I know that I am a year behind this thread, but he did very well. What are the names of the guides you used? What parts particulalry in these books did you work with? I am taking my Kaplan at Brenau tomorrow and am doing so to see how it is before going into the GTC test in March. Super Nervous!