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Hello everyone!! Is anybody applying for the summer 2012 at West GA University? :)... Read More

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    i'm pretty sure there's no interview just gpa and teas scores.

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    No, they do not do interviews. It's only grades and TEAS scores.
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    Do you know what the average teas score is for students who were accepted to their program?
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    They said that as long as you have above an 80, you're considered competitive. And at most GA nursing schools, most competitive applicants have 80 or above.
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    Anyone know when the acceptance / rejection letters should start going out? I am getting anxious!
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    They say April first but I have heard of them to send them out earlier than that. So let me know if you hear anything.
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    Check your mailboxes. Got my acceptance letter today for Carrollton full-time! Still waiting on responses from two other universities, but it's good to know I have options.
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    congrats frys. if you don't mind me asking, what was your teas score and transfer gpa?
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    Congrats FrysGirl!

    I got my Waitlist letter today, I guess that is better than a rejection letter. They said I was one of several qualified candidates, so I am hoping other accepted students get in somewhere else and decide not to go to West GA cause I didn't apply anywhere else for this Summer/Fall.

    I only got an 84 on the Teas V - which is a big drop from the 91 I had on the Teas IV so I figured that would hurt my chances this year.

    Disappointed, my husband is trying to cheer me up but I am just bummed for now.

    Good Luck to the rest of you still checking the mail =)
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    I got an 82 the first time and got an 86 the second time. My overall gpa is 3.0, BUT that's also considering I dropped out of college 7 years ago so I've had to work extra hard to get those A's this second time around. My program gpa is probably much higher than 3.0 since I've retaken any courses I failed from my younger days. Since returning back to college, I've gotten mostly A's, took honors courses, and on the Dean's list. I'm still waiting on a couple of responses from Clayton and Kennesaw. I don't know too much about UWG that distinguishes it from the other universities besides the fact that there are summer courses and have a CNA license requirement. The distance from the hospitals where they do clinicals concerns me a little bit. Does anybody have info they might have heard from other students? I wonder what their attrition/retention rate is during the semesters.
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