Summer 2012 at West Ga

  1. Hello everyone!! Is anybody applying for the summer 2012 at West GA University?
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  3. by   karamarie91
    I applied there, I am waiting on them to evaluate my transcripts. But I don't think they will until early next year. It doesn't matter to me as long as they do it when the nursing school needs it.
  4. by   cocopuff
    Hi there! Have you finished all the core classes? I'm wondering do we have to finished all the classes after this fall or could be in the spring. Do you know how many students they accept each year?
  5. by   karamarie91
    I will be finished with Micro and Developmental Psych by the end of this semester. I believe you just have to all the prereqs done before enrollment into the nursing classes. But you call them though to make sure.
  6. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    I'm also applying to West GA for the summer...I'm hopeful that I get in...its my first choice.
  7. by   jonesgeo
    I am applying to their too. Thank goodness I am taking classes too because it helps with the waiting game.
  8. by   karamarie91
    I think I should go there in person to speak to an advisor about the program because I don't know much about the program except that I heard that it's good. I live a hour and some minutes away from there too. Anybody heard any reviews about the nursing program and school in general? Any experiences?
  9. by   JeannePCT

    I just finished my packet and think I have everything turned in.

    I took the TEAS V on Saturday and had an adjusted score of 84%. I have about a 3.0 GPA and a BS in Psychology which I hope will count for some extra points =)

    What scores/GPA did ya'll have? Have you applied anywhere else?

    I applied to GA Highlands but I had an F in A & P II when I was in Afghanistan and could not take my final cause the proctor was out for 2 weeks - I re-took it and got an A the next term but a few school average the 2 grades together so it lowered my Science/Math scores pretty badly. So applying at UWGA and WGTC for this Summer/Fall and we'll see how it goes!

    Good Luck to you all!
  10. by   karamarie91
    I have everything turned in, but the Registar's office seems to still be sorting thorough final transcripts. I hope that mine is still reviewed before the end of the month. I made a 90.7 on the TEAS and have a 3.69 cumulative GPA and a 4.0 science. I applied to other schools in the Atlanta area (Emory, Clayton, Kennesaw) as well. I'm trying to endure the waiting game.
  11. by   karamarie91
    If you find a cna class that is 4 weeks, it is very possible. I'm a cna and that's what I did.
  12. by   karamarie91
    I've been a cna for about 9 months now. I decided to become one when I became a nursing major. I believe that you must have the CNA license before you can actually start the program. So i assume that if you don't have the cna license at that time, you're classes will just be dropped.

    I was told that we should find out the decision in late march to early april. The program doesn't start until June, I believe? So, that is plenty of time to get into a cna program and finish. I also remember the nursing school's website mentioning that it may have cna classes set up. I'm sure you can call them and see if they have any suggestions.
  13. by   motivatedmommy
    Sorry to hijack the thread, but karamarie91 I have a question for you. I am fresh out of a cna course and looking for work. I'm looking for mostly hospital based work and I was wondering how did you come into your current position? Also was experience a very big factor for you?
  14. by   karamarie91
    @motivatedmommy, when I first came out of cna school I too was looking for hospital work but I realized that they really want experience. When I got this PCT job, I only had 9 months of experience in a nursing home but I also had volunteer experience at 2 hospitals. I just tried to tie in all those experiences together to show them I am qualified for the job. It also helps if you are going to nursing school because hospitals like nursing students because they see them as an investment. I emphasized how much I wanted to become a RN at their hospital. So I would say yes, experience is a big factor but also alot of applications and netoworking!

    You could try nursing homes, home health agencies, and agencies that do hospital sitter services. Being a sitter at a hospital was great because I was still in the hospital even though I only had 1 patient and had to literally sit and monitor them for 12 hours. Still, it had so much to talk about from it. So find whatever way to get experience. Nursing homes and hospitals are alike in many ways! And a nursing manager told me she likes cna's from the nursing home because many hospital patients these days(especially on med-surg floors) are older adults.

    Good luck!