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Hello everyone!! Is anybody applying for the summer 2012 at West GA University? :)... Read More

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    Hey Everyone!

    CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who have been accepted! For those of you with good news, I was wondering if your PrepStatus has been updated to reflect your acceptance into the nursing program? I am still waiting to hear from UWG and am getting rather anxious!! My PrepStatus says the following: "Current Program: Bachelor of Science in Nursing/ College:School of Nursing/ Campus: Carrollton/ Major: Pre-Nursing." Hopefully someone can tell me something that will help!
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    hey guys.
    ok. so i just got back from checking out both campus. I was dead-set on Carrolton full time but after visiting Newnan and meeting up with two student nurses over there, I"M SO HAPPY to be going to Newnan now. At first i wanted to switch over to full time but the ladies reassured me that Newnan allows time to understand things and NOT go too insane (no offense Carrolton ladies ) One of the ladies actually had just dropped from the full time to the part-time program, and although the Newnan campus isn't really a campus i'm ok with that. So, it looks like I'm going to be making the 45mins drive. I live in Smyrna so anybody that wants to carpool or anything that saves money, i'm open to suggestions.
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    @ karamarie...i'm actually going to just do the class. you made a great point about the teaching/testing of a skill is much different from what we actually do when we are workers in the field. thanks for that advice.

    i just confirmed with the program today and it's in fact $500 and books and uniform included except the $107 for the test that's not included in that price. it's a location in smyrna, not sure where you are from but it's pretty close to me. so i thought i'd do that one as opposed to the dekalb education center one which is 35mins away from me but it's $475 (book is $40, $10 bloodpressure kit and $107 test not included). i don't have the number for dekalb education center but i have the number for metro medical testing center in smyrna:::770-437-1250

    i looked on my prepstatus but it won't really allow that anymore it says this:::
    important information below
    please read and print for your records

    now that you are an accepted wolf, you will need to visit our myuwg student portal rather than our prep site.
    myuwg allows new students to:
    • check their uwg email
    • sign up for housing
    • reserve a spot at orientation
    • apply for institutional scholarships
    • and much more..

    ( i guess because we are in their system) maybe if you didn't receive a letter or email you should call them asap)good luck!!!
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    Hey nicky25,
    ...I actually accessed my PrepStatus by logging onto the MyUWG student portal and clicking "Admissions". I think I will call them and see if I get anywhere with that!
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    question: how much is tuition part time??
    seems silly but i can't find the information on their website.
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    I have a PCT but not currently employed using it, still trying to find a job at Wellstar but have that lack of paid experience problem, lol
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    for those accepted to the program are you paying that $35 registration fee for june 1st? is it that necessary for us?
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    Hey nicky25, would you mind telling me how many As you got in your science classes? And is the Carrolton program more competitive to get into? Thank you SO much for the help!
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    How is the Newnan part time program? Does the part time program in Newnan allow you to be able to work 30 hours?

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