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Seeking CNA employment in Georgia

  1. 0 Hello everyone. I'm relocating to Georgia from California. I've already applied for and received my Nurse Assistant license. I'm having trouble with finding temporary staffing agencies near Douglasville were I plan to move. I'm seeking employment with a staffing agency that does hospital staffing 12 hr. Shifts. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    Moving to GA Nursing Forum for a more targeted response. Best of luck!
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    I am not sure about staffing agencies in GA. I worked at St. Joe's in ATL and the only agency workers we had were sitters from Maxim. Any particular reason you want to work with a staffing agency instead of being hired on with a facility?
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    Hi Tait,

    Thanks for your reply I appreciate it. I would like to be hired with a hospital, however I've been applying for employment with various hospitals like emory, wellstar, piedmont, grady, northside and haven't been called for an interview. Or I either get an email saying the position for which I've applied for has been closed, or another applicant was picked. So I figured my best bet would be to temp at a hospital and hopefully then I would get offered a permanent full time position.
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    I think once you are in Ga. it may be easier to get an interview. A lot of hospitals try to not use agency because of the cost...if you aren't set on a hospital you can try home health, hospice and long term care. Good luck.
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    Thank you so much Marshall. I was stuck on a hospital but seeing how difficult's it's been to obtain an interview Home Health is start to seem like an option at this point.