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    Do anyone know of any refresher courses or anyone that tutors fo the NCLEX? I graduated PN school 3 yrs ago and need some help!! I'm in the Atlanta Metro area and I'm willing to travel.
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    Quick question that doesn't answer yours... are you eligible to take the NCLEX after 3 years? I thought we had to take it within 1 year of graduating.

    NCSBN online

    Sylvia Rayfield is annoying but incredibly good!

    Kaplan has a review course

    Best of luck!
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    no you can take the NClex whenever. Well I'm from NY so I'm not sure about other states.

    I'm taking the PN NCLEX and Sylivia's didnt have one in Atlanta, also I need to be in a classroom.
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    Yikes. Don't know what to tell you. Best of luck finding your answer!

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    Yes!!! I finally found a refresher course...It's not in the Atlanta area,but a quick drive to Rock Springs, Ga. Its being offered by Sylvia Rayfield and it's for LPN not RN. It was $200 and a 2day process. They don't have the courses that often in GA I just lucked up on this time. Wish me luck!!!