PIEDMONT residency, anyone else get their app in?! PIEDMONT residency, anyone else get their app in?! - pg.2 | allnurses

PIEDMONT residency, anyone else get their app in?! - page 2

Hi! was wondering if anyone else was able to get their application to the Piedmont hospital RN residency program? It's closed now, but I got mine in and have it as "sent to manager for review."... Read More

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    I start on 10-10-11 with all the other new hires.
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    How long after getting the "forwarding to the manager" email did it take to get an interview? I got that email today. Hoping to get in to the OR residency program.
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    Do you know which specialties they are offering this go around? I have a few apps pending and two say forwarding to manager (not residency), one I got a call for an interview same day whereas other one has been forwarded to manager a few weeks with no call. The residency app just says " app reviewed" but not forwarded to manager which makes me think that is a bad thing. Ugh. Let me know if you hear anything!
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    They have already started interviewing for the residency. Anyone get an interview?
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    Has anyone interviewed for the 2012 Nurse Residency Program?

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