Piedmont Healthcare New Grad Residency 2013 - page 6

Has anyone interviewed at Piedmont for the new grad program that starts in August 2013? I had an interview almost 2 weeks ago and am waiting to hear back whether I was accepted or not. I am feeling... Read More

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    They told me shortly after interviews were done. I am patiently waiting! How was you interview? I thought it was pretty laid back.

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    Anyone hear back yet?
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    Call backs have started.
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    Did you get accepted into the OR residency? I am waiting still!
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    I had an interview back on the 10th. I emailed Daria a few days ago and she said that they're still conducting interviews and that they'd email us by the end of next week. But, l guess MadeNew heard something back?
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    When I interviewed last week on the 18th they told me they were wrapping up interviews last week and I would hear this week. So I have no idea!
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    weird lol
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    yes call came today
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    Congrats, MadeNew!! Also, MadeNew, if you don't mind me asking, when was your interview date?
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    When I asked Daria she said they were doing interviews still, so bizzare. Congrats! Hopefully we hear one way or the other today then. My interview was the 10th as well.

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