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Has anyone interviewed at Piedmont for the new grad program that starts in August 2013? I had an interview almost 2 weeks ago and am waiting to hear back whether I was accepted or not. I am feeling... Read More

  1. by   allyx226
    Almost at my 15 posts so I can start PMing lol. I just wanted to say good luck again tomorrow, and I would love to hear how it went if you don't mind sharing! I'm sure you will do great!
  2. by   tallchica54
    Thanks! I will definitely let you know. I am hoping this interview is to make sure we are a good fit for the team!
  3. by   allyx226
    Id like to think so! HR assured me they were only interviewing a handful! And considering it is set to start Aug 19th I'm assuming we will hear back soon after we interview!
  4. by   sremery
    I interviewed on June 27th and it went really well...the manger of the Oncology Unit told me after that she already told the panel she wanted me for her unit! She then took me on a tour of the unit, introduced me to everyone who was there and even looked up the pay scales for me! it's been almost 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything formal yet so I'm sort of nervous. What was the time line like for those of you who got job offers already? I'm going to call the recruiter who set up my interview this Thurs (exactly 2 weeks after my interview) I'm hoping the lag is due to the holiday being last week and that I get a formal offer soon!
  5. by   sremery
    The math test is freakishly easy! Don't sweat it at all!
  6. by   allyx226
    Thats good to know, thanks! Im good at math but I graduated over a year ago and it is not very fresh in my mind haha I remember calculations its just been awhile! I hope you get an official offer! Sounds like it went very well!
  7. by   Vickan
    Sremery I am sure you get an offer soon. The manager wouldn't spent any time taking you on a tour unless she planned on hiring you Good to know the math exam was easy, thank you!

    Tallchica good luck on your interview. Pls. can you let us know how the process was? Also, I've been looking at some apartments complexes online, but have no idea about what neighborhoods are in close proximity to the hospital or which ones are considered safe. Pls. if you have any suggestions let me know! Iv'e only looked in Buckhead neighborhood so far. Im looking for a safe, not so pricy neighborhood close to the hospital. I will leave back to CA the same day I fly in, so I have no time driving around looking at places.
  8. by   Vickan
    Oh and Sremery, what was the base pay for the oncology program? Does anyone know the base pay?
  9. by   tallchica54
    Interview went well. It was with about 7 of the OR mangers and educators. Very informal interview. The program sounds great and I really hope I get a spot. They said they would contact me soon after interviews were done.
  10. by   tallchica54
    Sremery, did you hear back from Piedmont yet?
  11. by   rn291188
    For those that interviewed for a position in the OR Residency pogram, when did they say you'd hear back. I had an interview last week.
  12. by   tallchica54
    They told me shortly after interviews were done. I am patiently waiting! How was you interview? I thought it was pretty laid back.
  13. by   tallchica54
    Anyone hear back yet?

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