Piedmont College Summer 2012

  1. Has anyone else applied to the BSN program at Piedmont College starting this summer? I did under the impression that I would get a grant to go there, but now that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyone know about their financial aid/grants for nursing students? I was called for an interview next week and plan on checking on Finaid then. I would love love love to go there, they seem to have an excellent program, but the cost is a huge issue when I can go to NGCSU for free!
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  3. by   audi118
    I applied and had my interview on the 16th. I have two friends there now in the nursing program. They both get some pretty nice grants, however I don't think that is the case for everyone. You just have to write a letter to the dean of nursing about your financial situation i think, just ask about it. I know both of my friends have to pay several grand a semester even with their grants! BUT Piedmont seems to really care about their students so I would think that they might give more to those in need, who know! I wouldn't go there expecting handouts without knowing for sure b/c if you pick Piedmont over North GA and you find you can't pay for it your last semester that would turn out horrible! The costs are def higher without grants and if you feel confident North GA is for you then go for it! The location is just fantastic for me b/c I really need to spend time with my mother and her house is close by. I hope I get in!! How did your interview go?
  4. by   Workin on it
    I actually cancelled my interview with them. I was having horrible anxiety about the cost, and what if situations, so I just took it off the table! Good luck with getting in! Piedmont has a fantastic nursing program!
  5. by   audi118
    Thanks, I'm going crazy with anticipation!
  6. by   fancylady
    If it helps I got my acceptance letter on Monday. It stated I had to reply by March 20th or the position would be given away. Good luck!
  7. by   audi118
    I just got mine too! Are you going?
  8. by   fancylady
    Yes I am! I am excited but just a little worried about cost since I don't qualify under the neighborhood grant.. but I turned in my stuff yesterday will you be attending?
  9. by   audi118
    Yeah I am worried too, but attending! I got accepted into the Demorest campus and turned in my stuff already. I want to know when we are starting in May. Just dieing for more information!