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I haven't seen a discussion for 2013 Piedmont College Nursing Applicants so I wanted to start one. That way we can compare stats and support each other through this. I know I am a nervous wreck waiting for an interview call! ... Read More

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    Hey Nicole! I am hoping for Athens, but I will go to Demorest if they need me to lol. I was so nervous in my interview, I tried to keep calm and for the most part I think I did, but I just don't know. Haha, I am trying not to over analyze because it seems like forever until we hear back! But, the dean was very nice, she really did have a comforting nature about her I felt, however I was still a little nervous. But hopefully we both did well! Fingers crossed!

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    Yeah she was so sweet! All of the faculty has been great, that's why I love that school! If they put us on opposite campuses maybe we can switch! Haha I want Demorest. I'll figure out how to send you a private message so we can talk
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    Okay! That sounds great! Hopefully we'll both get in! Fingers crossed!
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    I got my acceptance letter today!!!! That was soooo quick!! Thank god!!
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    That is awesome news! Another girl I know who applied to Demorest got hers today too! Hopefully I'll get mine soon for Athens!
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    @ Nicole - I received my acceptance letter yesterday as well. I got accepted at the Demorest Campus. Did you get accepted at the Demorest or Athens campus? I am so excited. I am really curious who will be attending Demorest with me, because I do not know anyone who applied there first choice...
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    I received my acceptance letter on the 14th! I am so excited!!
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    Overjoyed 15 - Are you attending the Demorest or Athens campus?
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    I am attending the Athens campus
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    Hello all,

    Congrats to u all that have made in the program. May your journey into the nursing industry be prosperous and blessed. I have no doubt in my heart that you all will one day make excellent nurses. May i ask u all a question? Well, I was wondering what am i to be expected for this interview process in order to apply for the nursing program? Can you give me some examples on the questions that were ask from you all? Thank you all so much. I am currently working on my prereq's and anticipating on applying maybe sometime next year. Again thank you all for your time & God bless you!!!!

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