Nursing school in Macon/Warner Robbins area

  1. Hi everyone, my family and I are thinking about moving to the Warner Robins/Macon area sometime next year. Do they have any good nursing schools there? I have been looking at Macon State but I am not sure yet. Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Courtney.
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  3. by   RN-TO-BE
    Hello. I am presently in my second year of the ADN program at Gordon College in Barnesville. I think that it is a tough but good program. There are several students in my class that drive from the Macon/Warner Robins area. Just thought I would give you another idea.
  4. by   NurseBunky
    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I'm at Gordon too and agree w/ Nurse 2 Be.

    It's a great program but it is hard. I'm in my first semester but I love it so far. The teacher's are are helpful and very optimistic which boosts your self esteem.
  5. by   tiff82
    I am a pre nursing student that attends Georgia State but I attended Macon tate before attending GSU. I took A & P at Macon State and it was incredibly tough. Everyone in the nursing program that I talked to said that they try and make their program real tough. (I don't know why!) I would recommend Gordon College my cousin went through their nursing program after leaving Macon State and she loved it. She said it was tough but they assisted you and did not make it unattainable like Macon State.
  6. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I always like posting in these threads, just in case someone is looking for the same information!

    Anywho, if you're looking for a good LPN Program in Warner Robins/Macon, Middle Georgia Technical College has been great to me so far! I'm finishing up my pre-reqs now and then hoping for January Admission into the program. In order to be up for selection, you must have a pre-req GPA of 2.75 (although I hear it's really, really luck if you get in without a 3.7, and a 230 or higher on the PSB Exam) -- but they do not make a huge burden out of pre-reqs!

    Macon State...I'm scared of that place after everything I've heard about the Nursing Major hard the classes are, etc...I'll have to go there more than likely in order to pursue my BSN, considering I do not want to travel hours away. BUT, nonetheless, it has been done. I'm not sure how/why they pride themselves on making the classes so stressful...they're keeping people away, but that may be just what they want...they may see it as their weeding out a lot, and bringing in the ones who crave their degree more than anything else, if that makes any does to me, I suppose. I want my BSN bad, but I dread going to MSC.

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