Nursing Residency in Georgia

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    I will be graduating in December, and I plan on trying to find a job in the state of Georgia. My friend informed me today that in that state you are required to do nurse residency program first. I know those are competitive to get into, so is it a lost hope trying to find a job in this state? That seems odd to me, but as I do not live there now I am not sure.

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    I don't think it's a state requirement. I know there are several hospitals that have residency programs, but you can find a lot of small town hospitals that will take you as a new grad without a residency contract.
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    Moved to GA Nursing for more response.
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    Your friend is incorrect, nurse residency programs are not a requirement for the state of Ga. However, many hospitals that hire new grads utilities this type of program. Gwinnett Medical is one of them. As far as applying/being accepted etc. Unless you already live in Ga. and are licensed in Ga. or can show you have applied for reciprocity and are in the process of being hired, I think your chances of even hearing from a potential employer would be slim to none. The job market in Ga. for nurses is tight and it takes months even for seasoned nurses to get interviews, job offers. I don't want to discourage you but I do live in Ga. (this is my second go around living here) I can honestly say nursing, like many places, has changed here & job interviewing has really changed. You can also contact the HR dept at facilities you are interested in, speak to someone there about your concerns.
    Good luck.
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    There is something in the literature about doing 300 hours before you can endorse your license to a GA license, is this what you are referring to? I think if you are a new grad they wave that.

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