Newton Medical Center

  1. 0 So I have an interview at Newton Medical Center in Covington, GA. Anyone know anything about this hospital? I haven't heard much so far.
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    That's my local hospital!

    There really is nothing remarkably good or remarkably bad about them. Although that is where my sister in law got her first job as a LPN and worked there for 7 years before making a career switch to public health. She really enjoyed it and said if she ever goes back to hospital work she hopes to work there again

    I've applied for various non-nursing jobs there and could never get an interview. GOOD LUCK!
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    Any idea if their pay is similar to hospitals in Atlanta?
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    I've been volunteering at Newton Medical for almost two years now. I have rotated between PACU, med/surg floor, patient floor, and the ER, and am currently working the pharmacy. Like the above poster said, there is nothing remarkably good or bad about Newton General. All of the employees have been extremely kind, in my experience, and it seems that traffic is fairly minimal on the patient floors, and even in the ER on afternoons. PACU was always pretty active when I was scheduled there, though. Since I'm only a volunteer, there isn't much I can say regarding pay or anything of that nature, but I really do enjoy the environment and all of the people working there. The nurses on med/surg, outpatient, and patient floors are always incredibly kind and pleasant to be around.

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