Moving to Georgia, RN programs??

  1. I may be moving to Georgia in the next 6months-1yr. All of my pre-reqs will be completed this fall, except for Micro. Hoping all of my credits transfer. I'm looking for ASN programs near Cumming, Georgia. Also, are tech schools in Ga looked at differently in Ga than in NJ? What I mean is, I'm not aware of any tech schools in NJ that you can get a degree from, only certificates or lpn. Some of them aren't even accredited. So I was surprised to read in Ga you can get an associates at Gwinnett Tech. Thanks
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  3. by   Exhaustipated
    I guess Tech schools are looked at differently in GA than in NJ, because most do offer accredited ADN/ASN programs. You can get a list of accredited programs from the Georgia Board of Nursing website. Here's a direct link: Good luck!
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    Thanks for the link. Looks like there are plenty of choices just have to narrow it down to the ones that are closest.
  5. by   meeep
    UNG has a Cumming campus.
  6. by   dje5418
    Most programs here require you to take an entrance exam prior to applying to a nursing program. When you decided on the schools that you will be applying to look to see which test they require and get the study guide which can be purchased online. Most are using the TEAS V but Gwinnett Tech uses the Kaplan and you must attend an information session for them and then they will invite you to take the test afterward. You can look at the postings on here for that school and they will explain that part of the schools requirements. As far as I have seen, if a technical school is part of the Georgia Board of Technical Schools then most of their credits will line up with the University System of Georgia. You can look at both of those websites. Good Luck and welcome to the South!!