Moving to GA From NE FLA; Information and Advise Appreciated.

  1. Hi all! I am an RN with 2 years experience in the ICU and ER. I will be moving from the NE Florida area to the Valdosta/Adel area in the next few months and will be looking for job opportunities. A couple things I am looking for information on is: 1) what is the average starting hourly pay/salary for RN's with my experience; 2) anyone else who has transferred their license here run in to any snags concerning getting endorsed in GA? Any advise and/or information beyond this will be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Adel/Valdosta are in Ga aren't they?

    The Florida BON was not a problem to get a endorsement for but this was in 1991 so I don't know what requirements are but you can go to their web site and check.

    You will better your chances at getting a job in Fl. if you are already licensed there. The pay is the same as Ga. w/a few variances I'm sure (harder to fill jobs, etc) but overall, its the same. The taxes are different but not enough to really comment on.
  4. by   GoosbyLPN
    Ga BON...where to start they are difficult to deal with...they want u to have the same amount of hours of education they require in Ga regardless of ur exp...exp comes in if ur short of theory or clinical hours...the analyst told me 3 yrs with substitute for hours short...Good luck
  5. by   GoosbyLPN
    mu mom graduated 27 yrs ago and they required her to use her exp because she was lacking hours
  6. by   girlygirlk8e
    I had no snags about getting my license endorsed by the GA BON. Literally I mailed my packet on Friday (used delivery confirmation, and it arrived on Monday which was a holiday) then I got an email that same week on Thursday night saying my license by endorsement was approved. I couldn't believe it didn't take forever! However, I did just graduate from a BSN program in TN this past May, and have had no work experience. Which is why I was moving to GA after being offered a position for a residency. I'm not sure if that could be why it went quickly, and I did have all of my paperwork completed along with the background check/fingerprinting sent out on the same day too. Good luck!
  7. by   ATIGA
    Marshall1, Thanks for the reply but I am moving from Florida to Georgia. I plan on keeping my RN license in Florida current so shouldn't have any problems when/if I decide to return.

    GoosbyLPN, shouldn't be a problem. Im pretty sure Florida requirements in those areas are equivalent to GA. Thanks for the heads up though!

    Girlygirlk8e, that's a relief to know. Hopefully mine will go smoothly as well.
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  8. by   ATIGA
    Update: Mailed my packet on 1/16/2013. It was received on the 18th and I was endorsed on the 28th. Never received an e-mail, not even in my junk mail. I checked the GA BON site every few days and it finally showed up. I have an interview with Colquitt RMC next week.
  9. by   lkg061385
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  10. by   ATIGA
    I'm sorry lauramoran, but I'm afraid I don't know "what" or "who" Phoebe is.