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calling all middle georgia(mgc dublin/cochran locations) potentials for 2012 nursing! come forward and lets keep each other motivated and calm while we wait. even if you have been through the program... Read More

  1. by   limitless-visions
    Yeah I got to run down to Cochran on the 15th to take them my last transcript with my final grades because thats there deadline by five that day. I just want to get credit for that computer class that I took. The nursing department said I have everything I need and this one class one count against me but I'm scared that the competition could be high so I want my chances to be greater. Giving them this transcript will show them that I took all my classes needed except world lit which I'm still going to still take this summer. Anyway I'm still a nervous wreck and won't calm down until I get a letter. I'm really hoping that they send them out next week after the deadline. Fingers crossed.
  2. by   limitless-visions
    Hay I thought I would check in to relieve some stress. Well I was told by a friend that was waiting on MGC that she talked to the nursing department today and asked about letters being sent out and she said they would be sent out by friday. They stated if your in you will get a certified letter and if not you would get a regular letter. Anyway I'm excited this is about to be over with. Maybe you could be brave enough tommorrow and call to see what they tell you. I think they know me to well now. Anyway please let me know if you get or hear anything. Good luck!!!!!!!!
  3. by   limitless-visions
    Hay Bdycky letters are out my classmate just got her acceptance letter today. So please let me know if you get yours. I'm hoping I get mine tommorrow. I can't sleep anymore.
  4. by   Bdycky
    I received my letter today in the mail but I was not accepted. But I still have Darton College and my most recent grades to post and bring my GPA up. The Quarter for GMC online is not over until May 20. I wish you the best.
  5. by   limitless-visions
    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm trying to track my letter down. I have even called the post office to see if my mail carrier brought the letter back and have not dropped it off to me. I'm a nervous wreck right now. I'm hoping to just get peace until I know if i'm in or not. Well I wish you the best of luck, Don't give up your blessing is around the corner. I will let you know what happens to me because I signed up for Darton just in case also.
  6. by   limitless-visions
    I wanted to inform you that I got a rejection letter from Middle georgia this weekend. I was really hurt. This was my third rejection letter this year and out of the others this is the one I was really surprised by. Atleast the rejection letters from the other schools were expected because I didn't pass the entrance exams but middle ga I passed the hesi with an 84 on all parts and had a 3.28 GPA and only world lit to take. I even had a classmate that got in with a GPA at 3.4. I hope when I call the they say this was a mistake. I know I won't believe in a college until I get an acceptance letter because it really hurts when it don't happen for you. my husband was even sad this weekend. We were happy about moving to the area. My hubbie been waiting to apply for a job once we move. I feel I been holding my entire family up and it's always going to be that way until I get in somewhere. My husband is willing to go near or far until I finish. The bad part about this is that he will job hop until I'm in somewhere also. The rejection letter doesn't state why i didn't get in so I'm going to call tommorrow to find out why. I wonder if they would reconsider if some don't accept there spot. My family have been blowing up my phone this weekend but I didn't want to talk to no one. People don't understand what nursing students go through just to get in a program. I'm going to try and apply for many programs next go around. I still have Darton that I'm going to try for again so if I do good I will know by the end of june so I'm hoping this one will be it. If not then I'm back on my journey. Give me any schools info that you may know would be good to apply to. looks like it's only Darton now for me too for now.
  7. by   Bdycky
    I am sorry to hear that but I know how you feel I was also kinda of upset but realized that I have come to far to give up now and I am willing to do what it takes to get accepted. There is also Gordon College that will be accepting applications for Spring 2013 starting in June or July but the window to get everything in is very small maybe a month. But you will have to take the teas. Keep your head up and do not get discouraged everything will work out.