Mercer/GBCON Fall 2013

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    I know the application period isn't over until 1 May, but I was just wondering if anyone here applied for the upcoming term. I sent in my application last week--don't tell me I'm the only one who has to wait with baited breath here!

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    I applied a few weeks ago also. Have you heard anything from them yet?
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    I also applied and am waiting to hear back.
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    I heard from them a couple days after my post, I got in
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    Quote from candyhearts22
    I heard from them a couple days after my post, I got in
    Do you mind sharing your stats?
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    I was actually accepted back in April I had a 3.6 overall GPA, 3.8 science GPA, and 90 on TEAS.
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    Is there anyone planning on attending the Macon campus? Was hoping to get some info since the program there is fairly new. Everything on the website seems more geared toward Atl.
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    Hi, I'm new to this site. I found out I was accepted to to GBCON's program last week. Is anyone planning to attend the orientation on July 11th?
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    I'm actually attending the Atlanta campus, but I went to the May orientation already. It is very intense!
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    Oh ok, I am attending the Atlanta campus also. i'm attending in July because I live in Michigan but will be moving to Georgia this summer. Did they say what color scrubs we will be wearing or do they provide them? I am soooo anxious and excited to start, I can't wait!

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