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Hello, I just wanted to start a thread for those who plan on applying to the CNL program at the Medical College of Georgia next year (Fall 2011).... Read More

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    I am at the Augusta campus. The Augusta campus accepts more students than Athens. I think we have about 55 students in Augusta and 30 something in Athens. I took a prep course from Kaplan for the GRE. I also took the MAT.

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    @ayti are u through with the registration. ? So what's ur nxt step? Have u seen the gre score how was it? I really want to sit for the gre nxt month... But the thing is that I'm not prepared...
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    sure you should be almost done by now. how are you getting on?
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    hey.. are you through now with the cnl program? how did it go? like i said i applied for the fall 2012 , im writing my gre next week , and im so scared ,,, i havnt been reading anyways,, well when u wrote ur essay how did you start? pls i need a clue... cos i def hate writing,
    any clue will help...

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