Lanier Tech LPN Summer 2013

  1. Anyone applying? Have you taken the NLN test yet? Scores? I am taking mine in December. Finishing my prereq's fall and spring semester. Nervous! I am more nervous about the commitment once you get in than the test I think. I became a single mother in May. I have 4 children, ages 2-7. Praying that God bridges the childcare gaps for me! Good luck to everyone!

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  3. by   kelnkhalif
    Yes iam just about to start my pre-reqs i have been considering this for a long time i have 3 young children. the whole process is intimidating but I'm very hopeful.
  4. by   malarwen
    It's going to be hard but you can do this. The hour requirements have been cut this year to half. I graduated in May and the class after us had only half of the clinical and classroom time. Many of my fellow students had children, some worked. I worked full time most of the year myself. Your family might have to help now and then, your partner or husband might have to prepare a dinner once in a while or do the laundry, but it's all possible.
  5. by   msheresy
    I've applied for Oakwood Summer 2013. I took the NLN in December and I scored in the 99th percentile.
  6. by   LaraleighF
    Did you take the NLN? I was happy to score in the 98th percentile. The science part was crazy to me... Best of luck to you!! Keep me posted on your status. What pre-reqs are you taking this semester?

  7. by   LaraleighF
    Thank you for your encouragement malarwen! I am excited about it. I am sure we will manage everything. Are you working now? Are you going for your RN?

  8. by   LaraleighF
    Congrats on the 99 msheresy!! That is awesome! Did you take the NLN at Forsyth or Oakwood? I wonder if I saw you? I was at Forsyth.

    Keep me posted on how you are doing!

  9. by   MommaBri0611
    I took my NLN December 18th. Got the score today and I scored in the 98th percentile I also have a 4.0 GPA. I'm hoping I will be receiving an acceptance letter in the mail in February!
  10. by   LaraleighF
    Congrats! Are you going to Forsyth or Oakwood?? Good luck!

  11. by   msheresy
    I took the nln at forsyth but I'm applying for oakwood. I transferred classes but my GPA at Lanier Tech is a 4.0. I finished my pre-reqs in the fall so I'm just waiting...
  12. by   malarwen
    Keep us posted if you got in!!! Btw when they tell you not to expect As and Bs in the nursing program do not believe them it's all possible. If you get a B or C it's ok, too. Everybody in our class passed the NCLEX - I know about a couple of folks who passed on second attempt, but they did pass in the end. Everybody in my class now has a license.
    I didn't take the NCLEX right away - I took two months off and traveled to Alaska. I wanted to do some travelling stuff before being tied down with a full time job. Passed the NCLEX with minimum number of questions, applied for ONE job - the one I really wanted and got the job. The starting pay was close to $20. Since then I have quit due to moving out of state. The jobs are there if you are not picky. I was considering the LPN to BSN program with Indiana State but I will wait to find out if my health issue resolves. If not nursing could be too much for my body in general - both LPN and RN.
    GOod luck and let us know!
  13. by   RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm taking NLN this Thurday & hoping to get into Forsyth for Summer 2013! How was the NLN?
  14. by   LaraleighF
    It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Science was tough. The math and verbal ability were pretty standard. Best of luck to you!