Kennesaw State University FNP

  1. I am interested in pursuing my MSN and considering the FNP program at Kennesaw State. I haven't seen too many posts about it. Is there anyone familiar with the rigor of the program?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   bbcewalters
    I know a couple of people that have been through their program. They are a well regarded school and I'm sure it's a great program.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   NeuroRehabRN
    I received my BSN from there and felt very prepared for both the boards and for practice. I few of my friends have gone back for their MSN and loved the program. I am looking into myself, I just hate that the GRE is required .
  5. by   Shan_Nurse
    Thanks for replying!
  6. by   Shan_Nurse
    I hate having to take the GRE too! I think Grad programs should get rid of the GRE as a requiremt for admission because not every program requires it. Or it should be based on a minimum GPA.

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