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Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in... Read More

  1. by   stephanie.
    Ill be at orientation- an hour early- because Lord knows I won't be able to sit still at home.
  2. by   Jajmgraham
    Surely THIS is the week we'll get our orientation email!
  3. by   stephanie.
    Possibly! I can't believe it's June already- school will start before we know it.
  4. by   Desir80's
    I know! I am so nervous! It's finally beginning to hit me that I am about to start a nursing program. I am so worried about working while being in school. Actually I have been worrying about everything. lol! I have never been the greatest at time management, so I really hope I can do this. I am very grateful and excited though!
  5. by   stephanie.
    If you've gotten this far you can do it!
  6. by   Stoopkid
    I just applied took the TEAs and applied to KSU today.

    I had a question:

    Does KSU look at each sectional score of your TEAs or they just glance at it as a whole?
  7. by   stephanie.
    It's my understanding its just the overall score. If you do bad in a section it will reflect in the total score anyway.

    How did you do?
  8. by   Stoopkid
    I did pretty well. I received a 89.3. Unexpectedly, I did very well in the science but shaky on the last English part. I was hoping KSU placed a higher emphasis on the Science part
  9. by   stephanie.
    I got in with an 88.7, obviously other things come into play, buy that's a great score. I wouldn't be worried.
  10. by   Stoopkid
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm applying for the accelerated program and I heard not as many ppl apply for the spring program versus the fall so hopefully probability is on my side.
  11. by   jmilkah
    Hi LaurenCedor! I just sent a join request per Incoming Fall 2013 class, via FB. Meanwhile, is anyone taking the KSU CPR class on Saturday, 8/3/2013?
  12. by   jbenite4
    I noticed you guys were posting your GPA's and I had a question about mine. I guess I have a 3.4. I have 5 A's in my math/science courses and I have two C's one in English and one in Psychology. Did any of you have any C's when applying? I just wanted to see if it makes a difference since my GPA is still decent.
  13. by   stephanie.
    There are a wide range of students in our class. Some have a low 3.0-ish GPA and others have a 4.0. Most importantly, do your best on the TEAS and be confident/honest during your interview. Its a package deal- I think they care more about sciences and math than the English/psych component. Good luck.

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