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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the traditional and accelerated... Read More

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    trixjones were you able to reserve the time for your interview? Did you sign up?

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    Hey white snoopy what are yr stats? Also wanted to let everyone know my mail just arrived and there isn't a letter from KSU. I live close to the campus so maybe tomorrow?
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    My GPA is 3.7 and my TEAS is 81. What about you all? I have all my nursing prerequisites finished this time around.
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    I was told that an interview counts only for 10% of the decision. So, all of you invited don't panic. It is only one brick in a wall.
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    I have a 3.8 overall gpa and am currently taking my last 2 per req.s. my teas was an 84 and my best 7 out of 12 is a 4.0 and my math/science is a 3.81. I called and the guy I spoke to said he didn't know why some interviews were up online but to go by the letter. I am personally pretty concerned that I don't have the option online.
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    Mine does not have interview options, but my stats are very similar to Whitesnoopy and you, Pleigh33. I'm going by the letter! Which didn't come by the way They probably put them in the mailroom Monday, but didn't get picked up til late Monday or today. I bet some of us start getting letters tomorrow.
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    I don't have it either, but that's the majority of us, so I'm not too worried yet. If nothing comes in the mail today or tomorrow, then I'll panic.
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    I didn't get a letter either. I feel like most of us have similar gpas and teas scores so I'm going by the letter. Hopefully it comes tomorrow
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    The mail just came, and there was no envelope. Hoping it's just that they didn't get out of the mailroom on time for being in the mail today. I live close to campus also, so I'm in the same boat as triciah2005. Another nerve-wracking day ahead...
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    Mine also shows the same on owl express, that i haven't been pre-selected . There was nothing in the mail today and I live about 2 hours north of campus and am extremely worried because if those of you who live close to campus didn't get yours today it might be two more days before I get mine!! I don't think I can take it anymore! My stats are about the same as everyone else's 3.85 GPA, 85 on teas, I really hope i get in, I just can't take much more of this waiting thing!!

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