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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

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    Hmm. I live in Woodstock and have not received a letter yet (for accelerated). I'm thinking that the acceptance letters went out first. Just seems to appear that way....oh well, onward and forward.
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    No letter for me today. Good luck everyone.
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    I definitely do not think that that is the case! There are lots of people with great stats on here who haven't gotten their letters yet. Every post office is different and some are sllloooowww. I would not discourage yourself because you haven't gotten your letter yet. Like another poster said, her postal worker told her friday's mail would get to her on Wednesday. I still think many of us will get acceptance letters. By numbers alone, more than the people who have said they got letters would have to get in to make the 80%. Keep that in mind.
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    I live in Acworth and I got my letter for the traditional program just a little while ago. Good luck to all of you - this waiting was just brutal!
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    Hello, everyone! I'm also new to the board and admit to lurking around here for a bit. I just received my acceptance letter to the accelerated program; I've been running up and down to the mail box all day. I can't wait to meet you all! For those of you that are still waiting, good luck! The wait is awful, maybe a little too awful, but it's worth it.
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    I was not rejected or accepted. Put in standby. Standby???? I guess that means if accepted students have a first choice besides ksu or mess up their last class or havent finished something they should have i may get in. They couldnt even tell me where i was on the standby list as thats not decided until they know how many slots they have. I think my chances are slim to none but i guess the waiting game continues. Shennanagins!
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    Oy vey, standby? When will they let you know for sure? I think I'm taking a tequila shot before I open my letter....whenever it finally arrives. Hang in there CrackbottomLouis.
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    so sorry
    I'm hoping that those that weren't accepted after the interview be on standby (not denial/rejected)?

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    I got an acceptance to traditional program! Mail came late today. I am in west cobb, marietta. Good Luck all! Standby is still a good chance. There are people that applied to other schools that won't come to KSU and also people that may not get all pre reqs done as anticipated.
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    Still no letter in my mail! This is driving me CRAZY and I'm really beginning to worry that it will be bad. One of my friends who lives in my zip code recieved his acceptance letter today. I really hope that my post office is just slower and it will be here tomorrow. I just want to sleep until then.
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    I'm new to this board but just wanted to post that I got my acceptance to the accelerated program today. Glad I found this website!!! Congrats to everyone that got their acceptance letters today! Good luck to everyone still waiting! The postal service feels like the pony express the past couple of days!!!!
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    Those of you who have gotten letters has your owl express changed? I wonder how long it takes before it gets changed from Nursing-interest to nursing…Congrats to everyone that got in, and those on standby don't be discouraged you aren't out of the running yet.
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    I still don't have a check mark in Owl Express yet. I'm not sure if it's already in the system but not released until the commitment form is signed or if they wait a week until after everyone has received letters. There's still hope!

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