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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

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    wow! so they only have 80 spots for the traditional program? Thanks nutrizun for the info! Does anyone know if its true that they are accepting more people for the traditional program this time around? I thought I read that somewhere. Maybe it is just wishful thinking.

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    I thought more people were going to be accepted this spring too. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere on this discussion, hopefully its true If not it seems like theres going to be several people cut after the interviews.
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    How did your interviews go today? Any advice?
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    Don't have mine til Thursday. Nerves are beginning to build.
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    I had my interview today and it went pretty well. My interviewer was extremely nice and she tried her best to make me feel comfortable! Have answers prepared and try not to be nervous because it isn't that bad once the interview starts. Good luck everyone!!
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    Thanks Mhuskic...did anyone else have an interview today? Mine is tomorrow at 10 am. Any particular questions we should brush up on? I'm glad to hear you only had to interview with one person. I've read in past threads that some people had to interview with more than one person...that would make me more nervous!
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    Thank you mhuskic! Good luck to everyone I really hope our little network gets in and we can support each other through two grueling but amazing years of nursing school
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    My interview is tomorrow as well. I am so nervous! I am glad to hear that there is a possibility of being interviewed my just one person! Makes me feel a little better. Good Luck everyone!!!
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    I also interviewed today. The woman who interviewed me was very reassuring and encouraging. I actually really enjoyed talking with her. It seemed like it was over so quickly! She was mostly focused on me describing myself and then giving examples of how I deal with certain situations... Good luck to you all!!!!!!
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    I had my interview this morning! I was happy to hear that somebody had already skipped their interview! Better odds for us I had my interview with two ladies. They were very nice and not intimidating at all. They asked questions just like bluecloud described above. Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel really confident with my interview! Here's to finding out, sooner than later! Best of luck to the rest of you, just don't do better than me

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