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It seems way early to be posting this, but the application deadline actually isn't too far away. Is anyone else applying to KSU for spring 2013 admission? I've requested to be considered for the... Read More

  1. by   triciah2005
    They told me someone didn't show up as well...I wonder if it was the same person? I hope it was two different people! The initial letters they sent out said they would let us know in 3 to 4 weeks. I read a past thread and counted the days between one girl interviewing and her getting her letter and it was 19 days...So a little under 3 weeks...The wait goes on!
  2. by   crjohnson10210
    Hi everyone! I am in my first semester of the accelerated program, so I was in your position just a few months ago! If I can answer any questions for you, please let me know!!
  3. by   DevotedNurse07
    Hi all,

    I just had my interview today too, two ladies interviewed me also. They were nice and made me feel comfortable like everyone has said.


    How is the first semester, what are the classes like and how about clinical


  4. by   crjohnson10210
    Hey! I've gotten some great questions in my inbox and on here, so I thought I'd just answer them all here so you all can see!

    First of all, I'm only in my 5th week, so things could change after test week next week ;o)

    First of all, I am so happy that I chose Kennesaw over Emory. I battled with the decision and it ultimately came down to the money aspect. I was going to have to take out 3x the loans for Emory (maybe more) and I just was not willing to do that since I already have student loans from my previous degree. Kennesaw is one of the top programs in the state and it shows. For our semester, there were almost 900 applicants and they accepted 110, so it is very competitive. The professors are amazing. I love every single professor that I have. Classes meet once a week, so they are either 2 hr 45 minutes or 4 hours. For example, my schedule this semester is: Monday- 8-12 Holistic nursing; 1-5 Health Assessment (half class, half lab); Tuesday- 1-3:45 Pathophysiology; 5-7:45 Research; Friday- Holistic Lab 8:30-2. That lab will drop off in 3 weeks and we will start clinicals. As far as clinicals go, they put you close to where you live, which is nice. In lab first semester, you will learn range of motion, making the bed, med administration, and asepsis. You will have mid term check offs where you have 3 chances to do the skills correctly. If not, you have to drop holistic, which means you drop your clinical. No worries, I've heard almost everyone passes them on the 1st or 2nd try.
    About working while in school....I work 15-20 hours a week and it's manageable. If you are going to work, you just have to use the time you aren't working wisely. It's just a person choice. If you think you can handle it, go for it.
    Congratulations on making it to interviews!! I'm sure you'll all get in )
    If you don't get in, try again in the fall! I encourage you all to come to the student nurse association meetings (I'm the treasurer...we just had elections!) once you get in. If you get accepted, you are automatically a member of the SNA. Then, you can pay $35 a year, which gets you in both the National Student Nurse Association and the Georgia Association of Nursing Students. The SNA also has a mentor program so you'll have someone to go talk to when you are freaking out about something or have a question!
    If you have any more questions- let me know!! Good luck!!
  5. by   crjohnson10210
    Oh, by the way- once you get in, our SNA president will make a facebook group for your incoming class so join it! It will be a great way to keep connected and you will get all the SNA information and general information on there and the KSU SNA page.
  6. by   nutrizun
    How long did it take after your interview for you to get your acceptance letter?
  7. by   triciah2005
    crjohnson, you are in the accelerate program, right? It looks like you have more classes than I remember seeing on the schedule for the traditional program. Thanks for the info
  8. by   racquel30
    Thanks for the info crjohnson! I just had my interview this morning and I feel like it went well. Two ladies interviewed me and it only lasted about 15 minutes. Hopefully it was what they were looking for
  9. by   Desir80's
    Hey everyone! Glad to hear that most of us are having great interviews. I had mine yesterday and I feel it could have gone better. The two ladies who interviewed me were very nice and they did try to make me feel extremely comfortable.. I really need to learn to express myself better when talking to people that I do not know. Also, I need to practice basic interview skills. That word "um", was my best friend yesterday . Also, my hand gestures. Seriously, I might as well have been doing sign language the whole time. Anyway, this is a huge learning experience for me and I realize some basic things I really need to work on if I want to make it as a nurse.

    I am still proud of myself for getting an interview. It was completely unexpected because I have the lowest TEAS score ever. I have worked extremely hard, of course they know that or I would have never gotten an interview. Hopefully like 30 people end up not showing up for theirs !
  10. by   Desir80's
    Thanks for all the info crjohnson10210! The program sounds amazing! I really hope that I make it in the program. I am so nervous, I just want to cry sometimes. lol Good Luck next week on your test!
  11. by   Pleigh33
    Had mine today not sure how it went. The two ladies were really wonderful but I just don't know if I answered everything the best I could or not. I am going to try and let it be and just accept that my letter is going to say exactly what it is supposed to say. I know I have really worked hard and that is all I can do, the rest is up to fate. Sorry I needed to see that in print to cement it in my mind.
  12. by   mhuskic
    Thank you, crjohnson10210! That was extremely helpful Good luck on your tests!
  13. by   amytaylor87
    Ok so this is probably the most ridiculous question ever, but I was going to wear a button up shirt with a blazer and was a little bit nervous that it might be to warm. I know I am going to be nervous but I was wondering if those of you who have already interviewed could tell me what the temperature was like please? Sorry I know its a silly question but just thought I'd ask. Thank you!!

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