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I saw a thread on here about interview questions for KSU's nursing program. Does anyone know if KSU asks completely different questions each year or is it pretty much the same? If anyone recently had an interview for the BSN... Read More

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    Hey everyone!!

    I've applied to the Fall 2013 program and I want to know my chances of getting an interview with my stat's. I have an undergrad degree in Chemistry from Kennesaw, Graduated with a 3.53 GPA. I took the TEAS and got a 77.3% I'm finished with all of preqs; current taking A&PII I have 8 A's out of 12 in preqs and rest are B's; it's 3.62 GPA I know my TEAS scores is below the minimum of 80. what are my chances?

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    Fran told me the accepted a girl with a 79 Teas last semester. So it's a composite of things. GPA, TEAS, and interview. She said they do the GPA two different ways. Are you going for accelerated? I've applied for the traditional program.

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