Gwinnett Tech Opinions!!!

  1. I am thinking of applying to Gwinnett Tech for Fall 2012. Is anyone currently in the program that can tell me what you think of it? I applied to GPC for Fall 2011 and did not get in because of my GE grades from forever ago. How hard is it to get into Gwinnett Tech? And do they only accept applicants for Fall? Thanks for any help!!
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  3. by   blueharlequin
    Gwinnett Tech I would say is harder. The school only accepts 40 students per year and it's based on GPA, test scores, and an interview. I'm not sure how many GPC takes, but if I remember correctly it's over 100 and they have 2 classes per year. I'm not sure of the average test scores and GPA among those accepted at GPC either, so I'm really just guessing, but it would seem like they would have a lower average just because of the amount they are able to accept. Because Gwinnett Tech has a smaller amount of spots and a very large number of applicants, the GPA keeps getting higher each year (it's only the third year, but it's rumored to be a 3.5 average among this year's applicants, whereas last year's was 3.3). Not too sure of the test scores from year to year, though. I would think it would probably be pretty similar from year to year, since it's a new test each year (standardized testing) and that's a different kind of measure than GPA.

    But long story short, I think it's probably harder. And they do only accept applications for fall.

    I've applied for this fall, so I can't speak for the nursing department proper as I haven't started that coursework yet, but pre-nursing is great. I love the anatomy professors I've had and wouldn't trade that time spent in their courses for anything.
  4. by   mg100
    Thank you, that is a big help. I did not realize it was so competitive to get into Gwinnett Tech. I took the TEAS already, is there another test you have to take? So if you applied for fall, when will you find out if you got in? And Fall is the only time you can apply for, correct? I wish they had a class that started in the Spring. I will finish my last science this summer and really dont want to wait another year to start nursing classes! Well I hope you get accepted for Fall, did you apply anywhere else? Thanks again for your help!!
  5. by   blueharlequin
    It is pretty competitive. I had to take the Kaplan. I'm not sure when I will find out. I've taken the test and now I'm waiting for interview invitations to be sent out (they invite 250 qualified applicants to test and choose the top 60 to interview for 40 spots). Fall is the only time. It is a pain to have to wait, but you can always finish up the rest of your GE's in the meantime. That's what I did. All I have left are the nursing courses. I didn't apply anywhere else.
  6. by   wannabenurse770
    Did either one of you get into the program?? I am looking to start with Gwinnett Tech because it is close to home. Curious about the program and how hard it is to get in.
  7. by   NyLALove
    I'm curious about the outcome too... I start my pre-reqs at Gwinnett Tech this Fall.
  8. by   Exhaustipated
    I'm shooting for the Fall 2013 nursing program at Gwinnett Tech. It's now the top 60 who get in. They still go by the Kaplan exam and GPA. I can't speak for the nursing program since I'm not in yet, but I'd recommend the school to anybody.