Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program 2012 kaplan exam - page 41

Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

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    Hudson...She got back to me about an hour after I sent her my signed acceptance letter, and that was at about 2:45. She must have had a lot of emails today.
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    Yup, sounds good, Seventyseven77
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    If yall organize a get together let me know, I would definitely like to join! I also received my acceptance email today
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    Congrats Me!!!! yay! I'm so excited... :0) I think that is a good idea 77... so after we get our packets, then yes, we can figure out when and where to meet we can get them all done as a unit...


    Devimak (aka Susan Michelle) set up an ADN GTC 2012 group on FB... So you guys can look me up...and then send me a message and I'll add you to the group.

    My FB is under Kiki Richardson or Kellie Richardson... my pic is the Susan G Komen logo...

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    I'm in as well!! Congrats everyone!!!! Can't wait to meet you all!!!!!!
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    if you were accepted- please join our facebook group!PM me for details
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    Hey! I tried to PM, but I got a message saying I haven't posted enough on here to be allowed to PM..... I would love to be added to FB group and get to know everyone before Fall. Can you give me info?Thanks and congratulations everyone!
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    I have started a fb group for the GTC ADN Class of 2004. If you are on FB- look it up under that name and join us!! My goal is to get the whole class on there so we can swap information easily!
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    Congratulations to ColieCato and Nny! So excited for us all!
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    Congratulations, and good luck to everyone!!!
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