Gwinnett Tech Nursing Program 2012 kaplan exam - page 38

Hey guys I have to take my kaplan exam next week thursday! :( yeaaaa freaking out! how was the exam for those that already took it?... Read More

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    Yay!!! Congrats!!!

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    @rubia: Congratulations!!!!!! I know the feeling, I've been alternating between crying and laughing.
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    Congrats Rubia!!! yay!
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    That is exactly how I was when I got in GPC a few weeks ago... so I totally understand... Enjoy the feeling! Hopefully I'll be feeling that with you guys today!
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    I'm IN!!!!!!!! :bowingpur Thank you God!!!!!
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    Got my letter! I'm so excited! Congrats to everyone else, and hang in there to those of you who are still waiting. I can't wait to meet everyone this fall!
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    @mads1mom @ktk: woohooooooooooooo! congrats! see you guys this fall if not sooner!
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    It's official!!! Now I can tell my family and friends!!!
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    @vansmama: congratulations!
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    Thank you!!! Congrats to everyone! I was beginning to think my e-mail was broken! Or they had the wrong address! Hang in there if you haven't heard yet!
    If it wasn't for this blog... I would've lost my mind!nurse::heartbeat

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