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    Everyone is scoring in the 70's do not worry sweety. How is your GPA, that plays a 50/50 role.

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    A 77 is great! Congratulations! Well now it is just a waiting game..! Kamecee is right, it's a 50/50 shot...what is your GPA? if you don't mind me asking too..

    Aren't you glad its over? but now sick to your stomach with waiting??
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    @Kamecee: Thanks, but my GPA wasn't great to begin with. Only 3.5@Kiki: Thank you. I don't think it looks great for me though. Like you said, GPA is 50% and it seems like most applicants have a perfect GPA.Sick to my stomach is EXACTLY how I'm feeling..
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    GTC2012... Don't worry, remember what she said in the meeting... A perfect 4.0 is not going to get you in if you don't do well on the Kaplan... but a 3.5 with a 77 is great...don't stress....
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    I have a 3.7 (3.69 to be exact). So mine is not perfect. Made a 75. So its really up in the air right now. Remember she said if you have a high GPA but Do really poor on the test, someone with a low GPA and a better score would most likely get the spot. I think we only have to wait two more weeks. Relax, like I am trying to do lol
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    Exactly....Kamecee...we think alike!
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    @Kiki I realized you and I typed basically the same thing at the same time. Great minds!!
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    Lol.. Thank you ladies, you just made me smile You are right. We just have to wait and hope for the best.. I REALLY hope we make it and hopefully we'll be classmates in August. That would be awesome!I hope I don't go mad waiting! I need to know now!! Lol
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    @GTC2012 Trust me, we all feel the same way. I am just praying and focusing on my core classes right now. That's all we can do right now. Have you applied to other schools?
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    I haven't.. What about you??

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