GTC 2012 applicants - page 7

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  1. by   Onlyhope8
    Is the deadline for fall 2012, June 1st?
  2. by   RN_Student14
    The deadline was Jan 15.
  3. by   Gtc2013
    @ metoyou: i think you did a very good job! We just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait! Good luck!
  4. by   RN_Student14
    Hey guys... how are you???? :spin:
  5. by   phrozenone
    hey! Whats good?
  6. by   RN_Student14
    Trying to relax my nerves. Lol April is around the corner thank God. How have you been holding up?
  7. by   phrozenone
    know nerves have been on edge too lol. The whole admissions process crosses my mind like 4 to 5 times a day! LOL. Did they say that we will know during the beginning of April? or mid-April?
  8. by   RN_Student14
    I think early April. Hoping early April. You know after the 29 th everyone will be emailing away. I know I will. Hahaha
  9. by   Gtc2013
    After taking the test I asked and they told me it was going to be between mid-late April!
  10. by   phrozenone
    Mid to late April....what am I gonna do with myself?!?! UGH!!!!!! LOL
  11. by   seventyseven77
    Took the Kaplan today and I'm still alive! Overall score:87/ Critical thinking:94. Anybody know what critical thinking score is for? How would the admissions use it in considering our applications?
    I also wanted to thank you guys for posting your experiences with the exam here. They helped me tremendously in easing my anxiety before the exam. Wish all of you only the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   MelisFri
    I'm as nervous now after taking my test. Thanks also for the pointers it helped. Now I wait...
  13. by   RN_Student14
    @77 you are in the program. Congrats!!!! Trust me, no one has been scoring as high as you did. Job well done .