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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any... Read More

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    Quote from breezy7
    You should be fine! I had mine at the health clinic, but they didn't give me any documentation for it. Do you guys know if the health forms and data sheets all go in the health packet? I'm going to swing by the nursing dept this week to turn it all in!

    Also, have any of you signed up for the GSU nursing association? I'm curious about it. I'd love to see if they're having meetings this ummer - I have no idea how to prepare for next semester!
    Awesome! I believe they all go in one packet...I'm actually going to sign up for the GSU nursing association shortly. Don't worry, I think we are all in the same boat in terms of preparing for the next semester...I'm both anxious and excited! I'll share any information I can get my hands on

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    Hey guys! I believe we are all in the same boat trying to finish up all of our paper work this week. I am still having a problem finding a place that offers the flu shot at this time. Has anyone received one recently?
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    They understand if you don't have the flu shot... just make sure to get it when they start giving them again! I don't think there's any place offering it right now. I'm in the same situation you are
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    Ok. Thank you Breezy, I feel a lot better, I was stressing out trying to find it.
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    This place is a great resource, thank you all so much! Keep up the great work! =)
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    Hope everyone is having a great summer! Just curious if anyone has access to the nursing student resource center in Ulearn yet...
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    Everyone, I got accepted for ACE from the waiting list!!! I got "the call" on Wednesday afternoon. I went in to the school on Thursday to sign my acceptance form and get the information about the PINS review. So, yeah, I'm excited, but I've got a ton of stuff to try to complete in the next month!

    The bad news...I've hit the limit on my Federal student loans, so I'll have to get private loans to fund nursing school. Sucks, but it should work out. I'm calling my credit union about that tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. And of course, thank the Lord for making this happen. I pray that we all survive, I think we're in for a pretty intense ride.
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    Congrats troop949!!!!!!!!! What a blessing?! I've also hit the limit on my Federal student loans and I've had to turn to private lenders for help. So, I definitely understand your concern about that... Best of luck on getting everything completed and I look forward to being one of your classmates for the ACE program!! Your hard work, patience, and positive attitude paid off and I know that you are so very thankful!!!
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    Hi swall,
    Yes I have access to the resource center in Ulearn. Seems pretty cool!
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    troop949, HUGE CONGRATS to you!!!! Best of luck as you complete the PINS requirements and get going in the fall. :-)


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