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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any dates listed for GSU.... Read More

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    Hey kuhelski, I'm definitely taking into consideration your comments about GPC program, but I just wanted to understand a little bit better why do you say it's pretty much as demanding as a BSN program.. if you don't mind sharing I would really appreciate it as I'm in the process of deciding where I'm going. As far as I understand, at GPC I'd have to take about only 9 credit hours per semester (considering that I'm done with all my core courses and pre-requisites) as opposed to around 15 credit hours at a BSN. So that to me seems like a lighter load...

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    I'm a current GSU nursing student (A2) and a member of Nursing Students of Georgia State (NSGS). Let me know if you have questions.

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    Hi, I'm in my 2nd semester at GPC. It is hard core. 8 or 9 credit hours is misleading. That makes it look easy on paper. But you have lecture, clinicals, checkoffs and everything in between. Most of my classmates had to either quit their jobs or downgrade to part time. The time you need to study, and practice for checkoffs, and everything else is insane. The program at GPC is hard as heck. But ask any nurse currently working in a hospital; our students come out with the skills, not just the knowledge, to pass the NCLEX and go to work! We are very well-prepared. Seriously. Ask around.
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    Oh cool, kel3! I just signed up for the OrgSync group. I had been intending to find the group earlier in the semester though, so I feel like I'm late to the party, LOL. I'll PM you.

    BTW, I plan on stopping by the SON tomorrow to ask for some additional questions about the wait list. I'm really wondering what is the average # of students selected from the wait list each semester. I'm also curious about what specifically in my application packet lead to my being wait listed. I suspect I didn't have enough application points, since I haven't completed some of the pre-req science courses yet (like anatomy). And, I want to know for sure if wait listed students *really* have one shot to answer the phone if they are called to be admitted from the wait list!
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    what is the OrgSync and the SON??
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    Quote from kuhelski
    what is the OrgSync and the SON??
    OrgSync is the website where you can find all the student organizations at Georgia State. SON = School of Nursing (technically, that would be BFLSON = Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing, but that's a long acronym!).

    I emailed Angela Corley about my waitlist questions yesterday, and she emailed right back and told me to call her to discuss. I didn't get a chance to do that, but I'll call her today, after my A&P lab final.
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    let me know what she say. I should do the same thing.
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    Well, I tried emailing her, but she replied that I should call her instead. So I called her yesterday, but I had to leave a voicemail. Hopefully, she'll call me back today. Whatever information I find out, I'll definitely share it here. Where are you on the waitlist? Did you apply for traditional or ACE (I know you've said it already, but I forgot!)?
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    I talked to Angela yesterday and she said it is unpredictable to know how many if any she will call from the wait list.. She said it depends on students finishing their pre-requisites, being able to afford the school etc and she may only know if she will need to call somebody after orientation.. I believe it is in July, if I'm not mistaken.. So I tried to ask her about previous semesters and she said it varies.. sometimes she only needs to call 1, sometimes she needs to call 4.. I asked her about my chances (I'm number 9) and she said there was a semester sometime ago that they had to call everybody from the wait list (but I personally don't think this is realistic nowadays and I'm losing my hopes.. I think 9 people being called from the wait list is pushing too much.. don't want to be pessimist.. just realistic..). but anyway..

    troop, I think you have realistic chances of being called and I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!
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    Wow, thanks for the info and the positive vibes, Brazilian nurse! I was wondering if there was some sort of orientation over the summer. I know the whole wait list thing is so unpredictable and variable, that I felt bad even trying to ask Angela about it (since I know she can't really give us any definite answers), but I just feel a little confused LOL.

    Do you think you are going to go ahead and attend Mercer?

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