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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any dates listed for GSU.... Read More

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    Its been forever since I've been on this site. Congrats to all of you who made it and to all the hopefuls (including myself) lets just continue keeping our fingers crossed. I'm taking a CNA class right now, and one of the girl said that she got into the ACE program. GPA was somewhere in the 3.8 but she won't tell me her TEAS score ????. Well I hope we all get in, I've been wait listed 2x already. My gpa is 3.74 and have nothing to take. I've signed up for fall classes to retake classes I've gotten 3.0 in. Just signing up for the classes raised it to 3.89.

    If I get wait listed again should I just reapply right away or wait until first day of fall semester? Have to say being wait listed sux b/c it gets your hopes up than the hope is yanked away. Sorry for the downer, just frustrated with the whole process.

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    kuhelski, What's your TEAS score? How does your GPA increases just by signing up to a class?? As far as reapplying time frame, I'd talk to an advisor at GSU.. don't see a good or bad thing on either times.. just what works best for you and when your GPA/TEAS score would be higher, which means that your application would look better (just my opinion). Do you know what are the chances of being called when you get wait listed? Good luck!! I'm also waiting... waiting...
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    I just checked out my academic evaluation... Idk if my gpa just happened to be higher than I thought but it now says 3.84 instead of 3.78. I am registered to retake some courses in the summer... Who knows?
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    If you register to retake a course, then your previous grade in that same course is not counted for the time being. While you are still registered and taking it, then they don't count on your academic evaluation. But one you complete it twice, then both grades will count unless you request to retake to replace grade thingy.
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    That's what I figured but it only took my current grade away from one class that I'm retaking, not the other 4. Confusing. No mail for me today
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    I know I shouldn't expect a letter on a Wednesday.. but I can't help it.. nothing for me in the mail today... at this point I'm thinking the max I'll get will be wait list..
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    My TEAS is 86. when you register to retake a course it will not factor into the curriculum gpa. once the class is complete, for the overall gpa they average the two grades, but for the curriculum they just take the higher grade of the two.
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    Our stats are similar kuhelski.. My GPA: 3.77 (program) and TEAS: 83.3%.. Your TEAS is higher than mine so you have a better chance than me! I'm not feeling very positive right now.. are you familiar with the wait list process? at this point that's what I'm thinking it's gonna happen.. I hope I'm wrong and we get accepted!!
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    I think the grade is replaced for both program and instititutional gpa, but not HOPE GPA. It's called Repeat to Replace. So you are retaking the class to replace the grade. I think this is a university wide thing they just started last semester. It used to be just averaging the two grades. But now, you have up to 4 classes that you can completely replace or something.

    More info here: Repeat-to-Replace — Office of the Registrar — Enrollment Services — Georgia State University
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    Happy Thursday y'all! It's nearing the end of the week, so here's hoping we get acceptance letters soon!

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