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Not sure if there's one of these started already, but it's still pretty far off, so I thought I'd make one. Have any of you guys taken the TEAS yet? If not, where are you taking it? I didn't see any dates listed for GSU.... Read More

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    Quote from troop949
    Question for those of you who are accepted: what are you doing to prepare for fall? Have you thought about reading up on some things, like med terminology, dosing calculations, etc.? Have you started considering looking for comfy nursing shoes? Looked at past syllabi for a list of books? Assuming I get in, I want to do at least some kind of prep over the summer...nothing too intense, just to get a bit of a jump on things. But, I also have to keep in mind that I'll be taking 10 credit hours over the summer.
    Honestly, I'm just trying to focus on my classes this semester. Over the summer, I'll be focused on those classes. I'm getting my medical forms/physical done at the end of April (book NOW with the health clinic - they didn't have a spot for a full month when I called at the end of March), and I set up an appointment to update my CPR, since I'd taken it through the Red Cross not AHA. I've paid for my liability insurance and glanced at scrubs (my mom says that they run HUGE... but I'm still not sure what size to get. By the measurements listed I'm xx-small, but I've never ordered such a small size in my life, so I worry that they aren't accurate?)

    Beyond that, I'll probably look into medical terminology. I also want to create a better workspace - possibly invest in a new desk and/or bookshelf and filing system. Organization is not my strongest trait! Haha. And I'd be down to meet up with you guys, if you want to grab coffee and chat as we get closer!

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    Quote from GSUhopefulstudent
    Breezy! My I just took the PINS quiz. Everything we have to complete is so overwhelming lol and we have to pay ATI and gsu fees, i'm gonna go broke.
    It's definitely overwhelming - I'm dipping into my savings quite a bit. BUT the ATI fees are for all 3 years! So it's nice that it's a one-time payment. I can't wait to get the packet out of the way. It's so worrisome! At least we can put off the drug screening and scrubs-buying until the second semester for the traditional program, which is nice since it gives us time to rebuild our funds after the ATI, insurance, and CPR charges. The ATI one is my biggest concern, in addition to school fees that aren't covered by loans. We'll get through it, though!! Remember, this is what we've dreamed of, so we'll make it work
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    I won't have to go to the student clinic, but I seriously do need to make an appointment with my PCP for a check up and to get my titers done. I'm way overdue for a comprehensive exam anyway - haven't had my cholesterol checked in years (it's not high, but I haven't done a good job of going to the dr.!).

    How much are the fees you have to pay? What's the deadline for those? I'm depending on student loans, so I need to figure something out. Loans are usually not distributed to the school until right at the beginning of the semester. Can you give a rough estimate of the amount that's not covered by loans? Will I have to sell my first-born? LOL

    And breezy, I am totally down with meeting up with you guys after we are all accepted and can focus on other stuff. Seems like most of us will be on campus taking classes anyway.
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    ATI fee is roughly $700, insurance is $13 a year, CPR is around $50, drug screening is $80ish, then there's all the clothing/equipment/clinical pack which will probably be a couple hundred... and books. I think that's it. I'm also loan-dependent and am uncomfortable dipping into my small savings since I don't have healthcare (I keep it in case something catastrophic happens or I lose my job). As GSU school fees go up, more and more isn't covered even by the loans I receive through FAFSA. I've been in school for 5 years, so they're accumulating fast. Glad to only have 3 left!
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    $700 for ATI fees? Good gravy! I'm sure that includes whatever assessments/exams we have to take while in school, but not the NCLEX, right?

    We'll make it work, but yeah, nothing like starting off a school year being broke.
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    I think it includes NCLEX prep, which is still pretty awesome! I haven't paid it yet, but I imagine it does include all of that. I'm glad the program outlines all of the expenses, because it probably means no hidden fees!!
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    Mail just came, nothing for me today. No big deal though. OK, off to study for psychology!
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    Nothing here either..
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    Don't take Medical Terminology online. I managed to make THE ONLY C I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE in that class. If you're gonna take it, make sure you take a physical class. I took CPR last semester through GSU, was super fun and easy.

    Also, for those of you looking for nursing shoes, my momma is a NICU nurse and she swears by these Timberland anti-fatigue shoes. About $100 and they come in like cute patent leather, but I'm sure we'll need white. She also swears by her Littman stethoscope, she says they're better than the usual kind.

    Praying for a letter on Friday... going to Savannah this weekend to finally celebrate my 21st, would love to have more to celebrate!
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    As my acceptance gift, my mom gifted me with her extra Littman stethoscope. hehe One less thing I have to buy! :spin:

    I'm planning to get the nursemate dove shoe. That's what's recommended and the price isn't all too bad.

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