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I was wondering if anyone else here was going to apply for GSU's nursing program (ACE or regular) for Fall 2012?... Read More

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    I am just applying for ACE...fingers crossed What about you?
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    Thanks breezy7! That would help out a lot!!
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    I just tried to send my test score and can't find GSU in the drop down menu. Are you guys having this problem?
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    Hello everyone! I applied last semester for ACE and was wait listed with a program GPA of 3.7 and a TEAS of 83.6, although my GPA is the same. I have bumped up my TEAS to a 91.3 and hope that it will be enough to push me over the edge into the accepted. I cannot tell you all how helpful a similar thread like this one was to me last semester. Good luck to everyone and lets keep each other posted as we get our results!