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    Hi Yosha did u go for the info session? if you did can u please give us an insight as to how it went?? thanks

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    Yes, I have applied to Kennesaw, Georgia health, and Gwinnett Tech. That is a good TEAS score, relish in your small victories . Good luck to you all!
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    Hey y'all ! I remember when I was in this same exact situation a "year and change" ago lol. You guys have applied to a great program with wonderful instructors. I'm wishing you all the best, keep the faith!!!
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    Thanks so much Shicurls! I really want to go to GSU, it is my preferred school but I know how competitive the program is and so I am also trying to be realistic. I take it you like the program?
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    @jenbrewington I did, the people you meet keep you going. I was a fall '11 ACE'r and am an employed RN.
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    @jenbrewington I did, the people you meet keep you going. I was a fall '11 ACE'r and am now an employed RN.
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    Congratulations that is awesome! I hope to be in that position one day
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    So the deadline has passed and all we can do now is wait! I know it's too early to start checking my mailbox, but I'm so tempted to. If anyone gets their decision, post here so we can congratulate you!
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    Last semester I received my wait list letter around three weeks out from the deadline. So you should expect to hear something around the 21st. But, that is not to say things can't come earlier because crazier things have happened! I am really anxious to hear from GSU
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    I just wanted to touch base with everyone and see if anyone had heard anything (which I doubt, but figured I would ask)? It has been awfully quite on here lately

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