GPC Financial Aide-I have reached the maximum timeframe GPC Financial Aide-I have reached the maximum timeframe | allnurses

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GPC Financial Aide-I have reached the maximum timeframe

  1. 0 What do I need to do? I see some post about changing my major to what at GPC? Also, I saw posts about appeals form. Any success with either one? I applied for Fall 2014. Thanks!
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    Go speak to someone in Financial Aid. There is an appeal available for Nursing and other health care majors since it takes longer to finish those programs and is not the "normal" 2 year degree. However, how much time your appeal grants you will still depend on how many credits you already have. My appeal was granted but I was only 1 semester away from finishing the nursing program at the time. I know of others that paid out of pocket because they had way too many credits so their appeal was not successful. The appeal will cover up to a certain amount of credits. Don't remember how many, more than the "normal" 2 year degree allows though.

    Good luck.
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    just change your major from pre nursing to something else. i changed mine to biology or chemistry... i dont remember but it gives you more hours of financial aid. i doesnt matter what your major is when u apply