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  1. by   mg100
    Congratulations everyone, the letters came early!! Well I did not get one either, this is my second time applying...but I knew it would be close - Teas was an 80, and overall GPA 3.4. I think GPA weighs heavier at GPC.....good luck to everyone!!
  2. by   adria10
    Mg100, did you receive a letter over the weekend also?
  3. by   mg100
    No!!! I know I did not get in, last time everyone got their packets on the same day, and rejection letters came later. Maybe I am wrong, but I am not hopeful at this point. Did you get yours?
  4. by   metoyou
    If you read back over the Fall 2011 posts on here, there was atleast one person who received her letter the monday after everyone else, but if its not in the mail today I agree with you mg100, we are probably not getting an acceptance letter. Well, unless someone declines and were on the top of the rejection list.
  5. by   watashi
    My teas adjusted score was 97.3. I am not sure what GPA they assigned me. This is a second degree for me. My overall gpa last time was 3.2, but the few courses they transferred came out to only 2.9. I've taken several CLEP tests for general education, and I've heard they count as Bs. Then I've taken 14 hours of pre-requisites here at GPC and gotten all As on them, so my official GPC gpa is 4.0. So depending which courses they count, and how they figure in the transfer credit, I have between 3.3 and 4.0.
  6. by   adria10
    Mg100, no I did not get mine yet, either. Did you have any repeats? Because your scores seem good enough to get in. But you guys try to stay positive! I know it's easy to say than done, but that what's pretty much left to do until we get the letters.
    Metoyou, I read at one point somewhere here, that if there are repeats of Teas or classes, when they get to the point of taking a decision they'll dismiss the students with repeats from the start because it is so competitive and they will consider first all the applications that have no "discrepancies." (even though those students with repeats had way better scores than others). In a way it not fair to you because they told you to repeat the TEas to improve your scores, knowing that it will be a breaking deal for you. :-/ That is just what I feel about it..
    I just can't understand their strategy...kiki69 last term had a 4.0 GPA with 82% Teas, and she got denied, and others with lower GPA and lower Teas got in...I am trying to be objective and just look at different situations, with no intent to offense anybody.
  7. by   mg100
    I do have a friend who got in last fall off the wait list. She had a low GPA like a 3.1 but a 90 on the TEAS. She said they told her you dont find out if you got in off the wait list until July. So sure enough she found out mid July. In looking at some of the other people's TEAS and GPA's I would think we would be at the top. Not sure what your stats are, but we have to keep hoping.
  8. by   metoyou
    Yea, im worried that taking the TEAS V twice was a deal breaker, but I do not understand why they would send me an email specifically saying they were considering me for Fall 2012 about a month ago......for Spring I did not get that email and others did, so if they cut us repeaters out in the begining I dont know why I would have received that email. Still trying to be positive and hope that letters in the mail today!
  9. by   mg100
  10. by   mg100
    Yeah I did not get that email for Fall.....maybe you will get something today! I think that's a good sign that you got that!
  11. by   metoyou
    I hope we both get something today Im dying here at work trying to decide if I should leave mail normally comes around 3, haha!
  12. by   adria10
    I got that email too, but that was just saying that I am meeting the minimum requirements and that my application was considered for GPC 2012 Fall RN program. I would love to leave early from work today, but I can' thing is for mind is not at my job at all! I just want to get to my mailbox!
  13. by   metoyou
    You too nursetobe10, I will say a little prayer for all of us!

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