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    I got mine too! Good luck to everyone!
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    I got my acceptance letter today as well! Guys lets please stay in touch maybe we can try and meet? I hear its easier if you do this in a group....... Good Luck everyone!!!!!!!!!
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    sounds good to me! although I am waiting to hear from GTC too! They are literally 5 minutes from my house, so I really would like to go there. But I am certainly not being picky at all!!!! I'm so happy for us! Yay!!!
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    Hi everyone...I'm new to this forum. I would like to let everyone know that I applied to GPC for Fall 2012. I received my acceptance letter yesterday and I'm so excited. Congratulations to everyone else who has received theirs.
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    Hi everyone!
    I got my acceptance letter!!!!! I'm so exited and worried at the same time!
    Good luck everyone and hopefully we can meet to do it together!
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    To those who get their acceptance letter..CONGRATS!!
    was it a big or small envelope?
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    big, but not very fat. about 10 pages.
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    The envelope was white and it was big.
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    THANKS!! What were your gpa or teas like to those who got accepted?
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    gpa and teas**

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