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  1. by   keepmovingrn
    When I applied I had a 3.8 GPA and when I finished my last 3 preqs I ended up with a 3.71 GPA.

  2. by   TygasPoohbear
    That gives me some motivation and congratulations on your acceptance.
  3. by   dougla2q
    Hey guys I also applied to GPC for the fall 2012. My teas were 68.7- Reading 78.6 and Math 73.3. My GPA is a 3.54. I am really praying I get in I guess we just have to wait now.
  4. by   metoyou
    Welcome dougla2q!

    Is anyone else dying for it to be April?
  5. by   adria10

    I am definitely dying for it to be April. From the GPC discussion blogs, I've read about students receiving the letter around 7th-8th-9th of April so it seems like they'll start sending out the letters starting the first week of April. All I know is that I will be a stocker of that mail box starting April 1st. However, until then I will pray and stay positive. I believe in my efforts but I also believe in destiny and the right time.I hope my time will be now!

    I wish more people would join in for us to learn more about different experiences with applying to GPC's RN program. If anybody knows about the lowest GPA and/or Teas scores that were accepted in the program, or if there were any cases of people that took the Teas twice and still were accepted in the program, or maybe that repeated or withdrew from classes and they were still offered the opportunity to enter the program.

    Have a safe weekend everybody, and feel free to share your feelings!
  6. by   metoyou
    I am definitely hoping things go like last year, and they start sending letters out that first week! I will definitley be stalking my mailbox that first week and every week until I get a letter, hopefully a big one I just hope it comes by the 6th because im going out of town that night for almost a week to visit my brother-in-law with the rest of the family.
  7. by   barankasia
    Hey everyone,I also applied for fall 2012 at GPC and had my TEAS at the beginning of February. I got 78% and have 4.0 and I'm terrified of course. I read somewhere here in previous years someone said they got their acceptance letter in March so I'm stocking my mailbox pretty much since I took
  8. by   AAuld
    Hi everyone! I applied for the Fall 2012 program at GPC too. I took my TEAS test on 02/18, and if feels like time has just been dragging since then!! That would be awesome if we received letters at the end of this month.
  9. by   watashi

    Where are the GPC discussion blogs you mentioned?
    This is my first time applying so I have no idea what grades or TEAS are accepted.
  10. by   watashi
    I have been reading that some other schools have point systems as part of their admission process - so many points for certain grades in certain courses, some points for TEAS, then they admit people in order of their score. Does GPC have anything like that?
  11. by   TygasPoohbear
    I don't think they go by a point system. I know they look at the number of withdrawals and repeated courses over the past five years, GPA, number of TEAS attempts and the score. They have information sessions throughout the year that really help, you can go to their website to find the dates.
  12. by   adria10
    Hello Watashi,If you type in the search bar here on the website "gpc acceptance letters," and read the posts you'll that some students received the acceptance letter as early as April 2nd.

    Hello AAuld, and welcome. How did you do on the TEAS? Do you mind sharing your GPA also? Thanks and good luck!

    Hi Barankasia, and welcom to you as well! You have nothing to worry about! Your scores are great, but I know how you feel...until you see black on white the result you don;t have piece of mind. I feel the same way.
  13. by   adria10
    TygasPoohbear, I do wish they would go by a point system, it would only be fair, in my opinion.

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