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    Thank you keepmovinglpn, good luck to you as well! I know it is hard but I know that the end result will make up the hard work! So keep it up, you're doing great!

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    Hey nurse....thank you so much for the kind words... I don't know what exactly they look for, but I do know that they said it is not for everyone to have the highest grades, they look for other things than that... Your GPA is fine, and your Teas is fine, but you know if you are dissatisfied with it, you can retake it. ( I think we are allowed 2 tries)... I haven't spoken to either KSU or North GA but I have looked into the North GA are prob right on that, they prob got them but didn't put them in on time. That actually happened to me with Gwinnett Tech...

    I believe that if you want it bad enough you will definitely achieve your goals. So keep at it, I know I'm going to also.

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    Hi Me!

    I hope you are right and we do get in! I was confused but now I'm more resolved...I think that we just need to keep pushing it!

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    Thank you and like everyone else I'm worried also. My gpa is a 3.75 and I got a 67.3 on the Teas. I was going to apply to the bridge program but I thought that my chances of getting in would be greater for the generic rather than the bridge. I'm finishing up my core this semester.
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    Hey poohbear, I got in the bridge program with a 67.3 on the teas and you can to! :-)
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    What was your GPA? My classmate from public speaking got in also, but my GPA wasn't high enough when I applied last year. Is it as crazy as the practical nursing program?
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    When I applied I had a 3.8 GPA and when I finished my last 3 preqs I ended up with a 3.71 GPA.

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    That gives me some motivation and congratulations on your acceptance.
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    Hey guys I also applied to GPC for the fall 2012. My teas were 68.7- Reading 78.6 and Math 73.3. My GPA is a 3.54. I am really praying I get in I guess we just have to wait now.
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    Welcome dougla2q!

    Is anyone else dying for it to be April?
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