Gordon College Nursing Applicants Spring 2012

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    Hi! I just finished my TEAS test and mailed off my application for the Nursing program in the Spring of 2012. Just curious.... what my odds of getting in were? I have a 3.7 GPA and made a 76 on the Teas but I still have 3 classes that I've not completed yet. I'm enrolled to take A&P II, Micro, and British Lit this fall. Has anyone heard of anyone getting in with 2 sciences missing???

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    Moving to Georgia Programs Discussion to elicit responses from those familiar with this school.
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    I got in my first try with a 3.39 gpa, 83.5 on my TEAS, and not having finished A&P2 or microbiology. I'd say you have a good chance. I declined my spot that semester however because it would have required me to take those sciences either over the summer or while in the program which would have been impossible knowing now how involved the first semester is. I'm currently about to start my second semester of nursing school at Gordon
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    Thanks! My advisor told me to go ahead and try, seeing as I'd be done with my sciences in the fall...so hopefully, lol (finger's crossed). How grueling is the first semester???
    Good luck on your second semester!!!!
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    Good luck!!!!
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    Thanks! Unfortunately I have to wait until the end of October to find out, lol
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    Good luck. I am also waiting for October. I have a 3.67 Gpa, 81 on TEAS and 95 on the silly critical thinking test. I didn't get in the last app period but I took some summer classes and am finishing up with A&P 2 and micro this semester. Hopefully that is all that was holding me back from getting in. It appears that we are in a very similar situation, but the way I see it is, if they don't let us in because we are currently finishing our core then we will have an empty semester in spring. Surely they can see from our GPAs and based on the fact that we are enrolled in the classes, realize that core will be satisfied by the start of the program. I know the wait is agonizing but hopefully we have nothing to worry about.
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    I know! Fingers crossed, lol! My sister just started the program last week and her GPA and Teas score were a little lower than mine, however, she had all the core completed...hopefully it won't go against us too much, I'm just ready to get started.
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    any one know how many ppl will be accepted for spring 2012 at Gordon?
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    I'm not really sure, I think my sister said their were about 100 in her class, she started this semester in the program.

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