Gordon College Fall 2013 Hopefuls

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    I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there applying to Gordon College's Fall 2013 Nursing program.

    Application has been submitted, now the fun of waiting begins!!! Good luck to all that are out in cyber-world.

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    Hi broberts136, I have applied for Gordon College for Fall 2013. I hope that I get in but my GPA is not as high as I would like it to be, currently it is a 2.96 and I made a 71 on my TEAS. I see that you applied last application period. What was your stats?
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    So glad you responded to the thread. My gpa for my first bachelor's degree is a 2.85 and my current program gpa is a 3.2; my TEAS score is a 76 and I made a 65 on the critical thinking test last application period. Keeping my fingers and toes cross that they will look beyond my classes from 25 years ago that hurt my gpa. Now the waiting for the critical thinking test date and the decision begins!!
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    i am just a new member. I am applying for nursing program in Gordon college fall 2013 too. I am also Gordon student for almost 3 years. I just went to nursing department to ask about test date for critical thinking and was told that hopefully it would be this week.
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    broberts136, I hope the do. I am just ready to get this process over and see if I've been accepted or not. Such along wait. I have applied to Darton College also so I hope to get good news from one of the two places.
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    I got a letter today for the critical thinking test for the 22nd. Can anyone tell me what this test consists of?
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    I too am taking the critical thinking test on the 22nd @ 1. The test is 40 questions and you have 40 minutes to complete the test. Unfortunately there are no study guides; it is basically a test to see how you think. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi everyone, I received my letter yesterday that I will be taking my test on the 22nd also. I hope that I do well on this test. I tried looking up information on it but was unable to find anything. Everyone says it pretty much like an IQ test kind of. I wish everyone the best.
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    Hey everyone, I received my letter to take the critical assessment exam on the 22nd. I hope that by passing this exam we will be accepted into the program. I would hate to think otherwise. Does anyone one have an idea on this?
    Also, is it safe for those of us who have to take the exam on the 22nd that we are the only ones they are considering for the fall?
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    Hi admeade1,
    I don't think so. The test for all those who met the minimum requirements. I have no idea about the test neither, but i would do the best i can .

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