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I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there applying to Gordon College's Fall 2013 Nursing program. Application has been submitted, now the fun of waiting begins!!! Good luck to all that are... Read More

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    I too am finally registered for classes and will be in the C section. Ready for this ride to get started, although nervous, scared and excited all in the same moment! Hahaha! See everyone August 13th.

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    I submitted everything on the checklist today. Now I don't know how to pass time until orientation, just a few more weeks!
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    Sleep. Read a non-nursing book, watch crap tv, and relax. That's what I would do if I was in that position again. You will have plenty to do in no time. It sinks in at camp-I-can. 😬
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    @SheaMarie I know what u mean I'm so excited to get started! I've also turned everything in just waiting for that Nursing Bundle at the book store to arrive! Then ill have all my books! I need them to arrive ASAP! Does anyone know if I can user financial aid to buy my books @ the bookstore?
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    Yes, you can use financial aid at the bookstore. It starts on a certain date before the semester starts.
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    If anyone other than me was looking to price or purchase the bundled books separately, I finally found a listing and figured I'd share it.

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    I am so looking forward Tuesday!!!! I can't believe it is finally here!!!
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    @broberys136 I am too I'm stoked . Got all my books and uniforms already! Lets get this thing started!
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    Awesome! I purchased my books, but I haven't received any information about our uniforms. Ugh!!!

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