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Is anybody at GSU a pre-nursing major? Trying to get a group together so we can help and support each other throughout this horribly stressful process! I'm a junior at GSU, I am applying for the ACE Program starting in... Read More

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    great stats hcs! You're going to get in! im almost sure. lol. And yeah, i heard they started a new repeat to replace system so anything taken twice would be averaged. So the Biol1 & 2 you retook would be a 3.5 for each of those classes and 4.0 in any A's you got the first time. Then they'll probably calculate the science average overall from those #'s.

    If this doesnt work out i'll probably change my major to psych and try to complete the pre-med sequences that I once started, while trying to re-apply. I need a miracle from God right now. I've been fasting & praying and its keeping me so calm. Calm enough not to stalk the nursing department every week. lol

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    No letter today Do you know if they started using the repeat to replace for this round of applications? I have a 3.93 program and a 93.3 TEAS and a 3.9 science, but my program GPA would be lower since I retook stats and math if they consider an average. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet if I don't get in...probably apply to different programs for fall and/or switch to respiratory therapy.
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    With these stats, you should have no problem getting in...
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    hi everyone!

    has anyone received their letters yet for spring 2013 ACE or Traditional? or know of anyone who has? crazy that it's almost NOVEMBER and the checking the mailbox keeps being a disappointment!
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    Hey Everyone -

    Where on the GSU website does it say that they are now looking at volunteer hours? Also, when you say you submitted volunteer forms, is this for a "one event" volunteer service or have you been volunteering regularly, say like once a week or so?

    I have a few things that I have volunteered for, but they were each just "one day" type events. I have to work full-time and I have been going to school at the same time, so it is really hard for me to get picked for a consistent volunteer position.

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    I dont think it was a requirement but just an added bonus to your application. But I know for mine I volunteered at two places regularly.
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    My volunteer experience was also a consistent thing. I went in and volunteered whenever I had time. I hope this helpful!

    Still nothing in the mail box here I guess no news is better than being rejected at this point!
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    wow, im shocked that no one has received any type of letter yet. Probably because there are extra components to the application this semester so its taking them longer. I really wanna know what classes I'll be taking next semester. The wait continues....
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    Ho hum, any day now....They are definitely taking longer. I wonder if they'll actually call all of those numbers on the volunteer forms, some of mine are quite old. Hoping for some news soon, ready to know when I'll be graduating!!
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    Jenbrewington & Nikkitas - Where did you volunteer and for how long?

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